“To understand everlasting life, you have to understand eternal life,” says Pastor Chris

Today’s Rhapsody of Realties is titled “Live as one who has eternal life”, in which Pastor Chris Oyakhilome talks about eternal life and everlasting life.

Eternal life isn’t a mere promise or a future expectation. When you were born again, eternal life was imparted to your human spirit. Have that consciousness every day of your life. Live and think as someone who has eternal life.” Pastor Chris tells us that sadly not many Christians know that they have eternal life. He continues to say: “They pray for it, some fast for it, and others hope to receive it. Some even think that they can only enjoy this God-life in heaven. But this is not so, it is the transcendent life, it’s indomitable and uninfectable.”

Many people are becoming more aware of the impact and importance of this divine life in us. Pastor Chris tells us: “Have that consciousness every day of your life. Live and think as someone who has eternal life. It doesn’t matter the troubles you face in this world, the solution is within you.”

In challenging situations, Pastor Chris emphasizes that people should believe in the life of Christ in them. Also, in the supremacy and superiority of that life over Satan, disease, infirmity, and death.

“To understand everlasting life, you have to understand eternal life,” says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

What is everlasting life?

Pastor Chris explains: “Everlasting Life is a product of eternity. It means you have a beginning but no end. Angels are everlasting because God made them so. When God makes something or someone, He imparts that one with eternal life. When you become born again, you have everlasting life, you’re brought from humanity to eternity. When we believe in Jesus, we get something eternal life which is the nature of God.”

To understand everlasting life, you must understand eternal life.

What is eternal life?

Eternal Life, the Man of God continues to explain, “Means ageless, without a beginning nor end. It is timeless. It means incorruptibility, indestructible, imperishable, not subject to failure not subject to death. Only God has it, that’s why He’s called the eternal one.”

In any situation, the pastor said that people must declare these words: “I have eternal life. Therefore, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I refuse to accommodate any kind of pain, sickness, disease, or infirmity. I am impregnable to sickness. Eternal life works in me. This is the effect of eternal life on you. I refuse to accept disease and infections in my body. I am superior to Satan and the elements of this world.”

he continues: “It is because of the impact and implication of that God-life from within. For the one who has it, no disease or infirmity should thrive in your body because you have eternal life.”

Christianity is better enjoyed when lived, than when preached

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. That’s a law. A sovereign declaration of the Almighty God.” (John 3:16)

Pastor Chris explains that eternal life gives us divine health which is better than divine healing.

This is the greatest news on earth and the greatest work that was ever done. It’s wonderful to be healed, but how about never being sick? John 3:16.

“Christianity is the Life of Christ in me. I explained to you the difference between eternal life and everlasting life, and I also told you that they are synonymous only after our life here on earth. When I receive Christ I receive eternal life. I was given the very Christ life,” the Man of God teaches us.

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