The Youth of Asia Impacted by Faith and Hope

Thousands of indignant young people are being transformed. It has been a year filled with significant growth and productivity. The inspirational and esteemed Zonal Secretary, Pastor Henry Akasili who hosted the online outreach speaks on the massive waves of change that is happening.

This has indeed been a gracious year in the Year of The Supernatural been for members of BLW Zone J. Thirty-three different countries across the continent of Asia have been touched by this glorious effort. According a LoveWorld News report, it was calculated that a whopping 281,341 young people have been influenced by the online outreach program, titled ‘Crying is Not an Option‘. The program was hosted by the Campus Ministry Zone J on Saturday, September 16th and promised to deliver “hope and inspiring faith to younger audiences on social media platforms.”

Just last year 14,500 Youths from 29 Nations were reached from ‘Crying is Not an Option’. Young people ranging between the ages of 25 to 44 over a short period of 2 days expressed how greatly impacted they were by the outreach.

Pastor Henry Akasili
Pastor Henry Akasili
Yes, I Accept It

In a LoveWorld news report it was stated that youth represented 29 countries different countries/ including Tunisia, Iraq, Philippine, Albanian, Turkey, Senegal, Guinea, Angola, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Congo, Greece and the United Arab Emirates, to mention a few. The young participants were heard exclaiming “Yes I accept it.”

Supplanting the Ideas of Suffering

The highly esteemed dignitary, Zonal Secretary, Pastor Henry Akasili, succeeded in superseding the idea of “poverty, unemployment, frustration and suicide-inducing depression in the hearts of the youths with God’s word”. Pastor Henry has conveyed to youth around the world that this is not an existence to accept and that there is another way. He said, “God knows that man cannot help himself, so he packaged the solution in a document — the Bible,” he said, teaching participants from countries like China, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Taiwan and more that there is more out there.

Young people of South Korea

The Rhapsody missions are underway, and more and more people are being affected daily by the power of the Messenger Angel. People are beginning to understand that they are no longer slaves to suffering. As the word spreads, their mentalities are being transformed from suffering victim, to empowered individuals touched by the word of God.
The distributions missions have been one of the most successful efforts to date and its online arms are reaching more people than ever imagined, with the simple message of “there’s a higher life.”

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