The Healing School plays a significant part of Pastor Chris’ Ministry

The Healing School is an arm of the healing ministry of Christ Embassy founded by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. It is charged with the divine mandate to take healing to the nations.

Many people have had their lives miraculously transformed through various programs and healing outreaches from the Healing School. One of the main which has seen thousands of successful testimonies over the years is Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris. Other programs that are equally successful are Healing to the Nations Live, Healing School Online Prayer Conference, and more.

The Healing School plays a significant part of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Ministry.

Miracles every day for everyone

People experience miracles every day, where a Word from God can turn a hopeless situation around.

At the heart of The Healing School’s mission are powerful programs and healing outreaches that have become a lifeline for those seeking divine intervention. From the dynamic Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris to the global Healing to the Nations Live events, and the accessible Healing School Online Prayer Conference, participants are ushered into an atmosphere of spiritual rejuvenation. The school serves as a conduit for prayers for the sick and a reservoir of divine wisdom to turn seemingly hopeless situations around.

Sickness can disrupt your life, replacing joy with pain and energy with exhaustion. Its impact extends beyond the physical, affecting emotional well-being and straining relationships.

But we are so grateful to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for the miraculous Healing Streams Live Healing Service.

Under the guidance of Pastor Chris, this healing ministry is on a sacred mission to extend the miraculous touch of healing to the nations. Beyond the confines of traditional healing methods, the Healing School offers an array of transformative programs and outreaches that have left countless lives forever changed.

Welcome to Everyday Miracles

The impact of sickness extends far beyond the physical, affecting emotional well-being and straining relationships. However, within the realm of The Healing School, a paradigm shift occurs. The Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris emerge as a fountain of hope, where the inexhaustible grace and power of God intersect with human suffering. Attendees, whether physically present or participating remotely, witness supernatural transformations that affirm an eternal truth: Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Testimonies of Transformation

The real testament to the efficacy of The Healing School lies in the countless testimonies of lives touched and transformed. Through the years, individuals from all walks of life have sought solace in the healing services, finding solutions to myriad conditions. These testimonies resonate with a resounding affirmation that miracles are not merely a thing of the past but a present reality that echoes the timeless nature of divine healing.

In the latest Healing to the Nations Magazine (HTTN) we read about Juan Andreas, who for 20 long years battled with incessant back pain. Doctors at the hospital, discovered that his ordeal was caused by a leg length discrepancy. While watching a program on Healing Streams TV, Juan saw a testimony of a woman who was healed of the same ailment. It was at that moment that he decided to participate in the next edition of the Healing Streams. During the healing services, the power of God touched him and the shorter leg grew out. Praise God!


God’s ability is at work in me today and I am conscious of it. I do not function in my ability or strength, for God’s inherent power is in me. My strength is renewed daily and I am divinely energized at all times for victory. I consciously practice enjoying my life in divine health. I insist on God’s Word, and I boldly affirm that my divine life in Christ has replaced the ordinary life and its attendant effects. I do not live by the dictates of my body but by the leading of God’s Word for my life and health.

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