Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Sermons: Soul Winning With God’s Word

Over 300 souls were won, and 86 baptized after a special one-week Leadership and Discipleship Training Program organized for leaders of Christ Embassy, East-West Central Africa. With great success, it yielded a tremendous harvest of souls into God’s Kingdom. During the training, the esteemed Pastor Sylvia, inspired the attendees, equipping them with the truth of God’s Word and proven strategies for effective soul-winning and retention. The sermons of Pastor Chris Oyahkilome are always giving us the continual encouragement to be effective soul winners.

In his sermons, he says, “there’re no options to the Gospel. There’s no other way to the Father, except Jesus Christ. He said, “…I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). This is absolute reality, and it must form the basis of your convictions: your speech, your thinking. Your outlook on life must be from this understanding and persuasion about Christ and His Gospel.”

“With a full understanding of the overflow of God’s love evangelists plan and execute their strategy for effective soul-winning. When you are ready to execute this plan pray for its success. Pray for the souls you will win. Keep learning and imbibing the word of the Gospel,” Pastor Chris continued to say.

With the new zeal and passion received by the attendees of the Leadership and Discipleship Training Program, they went out in the fullness of the Spirit to win souls in their community and turn many to righteousness. This special launch resulted in a great accomplishment, hauling over 300 new converts into the Kingdom with 86 water baptized by immersion. It was a glorious celebration of a mighty harvest of souls in Christ Embassy Buea.

New converts taking turns to be baptized.

People are God’s Greatest Assets

“It’s my responsibility to tell people about Jesus” (Corinthians 9:16) underpins everything Pastor Chris’s sermons are about. When you have taken this responsibility for yourself it is paramount you do not fail. He reminds his audience that the fact that they’ve received the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean they’ll always be full of Him. “You must continually practice being filled with Him. This is the first step to perfecting your soul-winning efforts. You must be afire, aglow, enthusiastic and full of zeal about the Kingdom” he encourages, adding that to “have a clear understanding of the Gospel is vital to effectively communicate it. Otherwise, you’d preach the gospel without the clarity and passion needed to be effective”.

At Christ Embassy, there is a wealth of teaching materials that give in-depth an explanation of what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. You can access audio and video recordings on the Pastor Chris Digital Library to develop your comprehension of the Gospel.

“You will experience even more success and progress this year as you engage in soul-winning and soul-winning activities. People are God’s greatest assets on earth. Until you start winning people for Jesus, you’re not involved in God’s asset building. The Lord is always reaching out to the unsaved, to touch their lives with His power and glory; but He can only do so through you. Therefore you must always be passionate about soul winning,” Pastor Chris reminded his audience.

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