Phase 1 of ‘Your LoveWorld Special with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny’ Comes to an End

The 7-day ‘Your LoveWorld Specials’, Season 3, Phase 1 with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny, which continues to envelop a compilation of deep insights, exquisite worship and praise as well as outstanding testimonies from day to day, is coming to an end tonight.

Joined daily by Bishop Clarence McClendon, Bishop James Payne, Pastor Dan Willis, Evang. Mike Smalley and other senior ministers in the LoveWorld nation, our beloved Man of God, LoveWorld President, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, ministered in the fullness of the Spirit, urging the global audience to awaken to their divinity, rather than focus on their humanity.

Our Man of God said during the live streaming, “The less of your humanity consciousness and more of your divinity consciousness you possess, the better you’re growing in Christ; that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.He further advanced that the Christian life is one of ever-increasing glory, faith and grace, hence a perpetual victory parade.

Day 4 of ‘Your LoveWorld Special’

The fourth day of the blissful ‘Your LoveWorld Specials with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny’ Pastor Chris explained that the Christian is engaged in warfare irrespective of how calm or buzzing life may be. Reading from Ephesians 6:12-18, the man of God outlined the tremendous armoury accorded the Christian, labelling the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, as the offensive armament in the catalogue. He further taught that prayer could be weaponized through potent words inspired by the Holy Spirit. Outlining three guided missiles activated in prayer: faith declarations, prayers of intercession and prophecy.

Pastor Chris articulated that the Christian is indomitable and has the ability to bring to pass definite changes and infinite possibilities. “All these weapons are in words and these words become Holy Ghost projectiles,” he posited emphasizing that words uttered in prayer as guided by the Spirit, would never prove futile but always cause the desired changes.

“You can weaponize your prayer through words.” – Pastor Chris

Day 5 of ‘Your LoveWorld Special’

“If you are born again, you are a partaker of the divine nature,” Pastor Chris teaches on ‘Your LoveWorld Specials’.

Ministering prolifically in the opening session of the 5th day of this epic series, Pastor Chris shared dazzling truths from God’s Word, heralding the actual essence of eternal life.

He explained that without recognizing the reality of eternal life, a Christian would not be able to live it. He posited that eternal life — the life and nature of God — is what every Christian received upon accepting Jesus Christ into their hearts. The LoveWorld President continued by saying that a Christian does not have two lives but one. Once you are born again, you receive eternal life which completely supplants the human life with which you were born of your earthly parents, he clarified.

Posing an identical biblical parallel, the man of God illustrated that, although Jesus Christ had a human body with which he expressed himself in the earth, he was absolutely divine. Likewise, every Christian today has received the life and nature of God while in their earthly human bodies, he established. “If you are born again, you are a partaker of the divine nature,” Pastor Chris emphasized, urging the global audience to awaken to this truth and walk in the reality of it.

”God’s Word is absolute and practicable; no speculations, no assumptions, no conjectures” He continued saying ”Have no fear of man because you can do anything by the power of the Holy Ghost!” The Man of God also said that ”Many don’t walk in the revelation of the Word of God that has been granted them because of so many distractions in the world.” Adding that ”You must first burry God’s Word in your consciousness to the point you live it out unconsciously”

There are three important things you experience in Christ, Pastor Chris revealed: “Grace upon grace; faith to faith and glory to glory”.

”When you were born again you received eternal life if you don’t recognize the reality of eternal life; if you don’t recognize that you have actually received eternal life, you cannot live it.” Explained Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Bishop Clarence McClendon explained that ”When God asks you to give for His house, He’s not thinking of His house alone, He is also thinking of your house.” He continued to say that ”In life, you don’t choose who your destiny is connected with, you only recognize it.”

”The Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth not the spirit of facts.” — Bishop Clarence McClendon.

Day 6 of ‘Your LoveWorld Special’

Yesterday our Man of God, Pastor Chris spoke of righteousness. He explained that there are four types of righteousness: Righteousness by faith, righteousness by the law, righteousness by the faith of Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ, righteousness is the nature of God.”

The man of God, Pastor Chris ministered to millions of viewers who tuned in.

Today is our final day of Season 3, Phase 1

The final session is in just a couple of hours. “It is going to be so powerful, you are going to get something that will give you many nights of good rest”, Pastor Chris promises.

“This year has been planned especially by God and planned for us. For our success. For our victory. For our testimony. And to the word. We will walk in absolute victory. And what a way to get started with this week that we have just had,” Chris Oyakhilome added.

Get ready to be inspired and uplifted as you tune in to any LoveWorld TV station or log on to, now to participate live. You can also watch via the LoveWorld New today, Sunday 31st at 1:00 PM EST.

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