Pastors and Partners Join Together for a Week of Conferences at the Anticipated IPPC2021 Event

The highly anticipated International Pastors and Partners’ Conference (IPPC) 2021 with the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is here. This year’s event will start today and run till Sunday, November the 21st in Lagos, Nigeria.

The International Pastors and Partners’ Conference 2021 will be a time to celebrate great victories achieved throughout of ‘Year of Preparation’ by the Christ Embassy Church under the leadership of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. It will be a time to celebrate and consolidate the 6.5 billion people’s reach with the Gospel. This is to be a special time to reflect and celebrate the astonishing feats in partnership achieved by individuals, groups, Churches, zones and the ministry at large in the year 2021.

The Renewal of Vision

The special annual conference which closes the ministry’s calendar year and opens a new one will also be a time of refining by the Word and the renewal of visions for greater global impact with the Gospel in the next ministry year. It is sure to be a truly historic celebration of excellence, alignment, completion, and fruition. Attending such a conference is a blessing and by invitation only. This blessing is from Pastor Chris and Christ Embassy and its partners upon those who have welcomed Christ into their lives is eternal.

This conference prepares everyone for greatness and growth in the ministry. The sessions provide opportunities for illumination and the development of impactful leadership. Thousands of Pastors and partners are arriving in Lagos, Nigeria from around the world with renewed enthusiasm and great anticipation for this momentous conference.

Happening concurrently with the conference are other sub-conferences including the International Media Connectors’ Conference (IMCC), International Teens Pastors and Leaders’ Conference (ITPLC), and others. The awe-inspiring LoveWorld Exhibitions, which displays the global impact of various arms of the ministry and affiliate organizations, has always been displayed during the IPPC, and this year, the experience promises to be even more fulfilling after such a difficult and challenging period.

IPPC 2021 is going to be an uplifting gear shift; a life-changing and invigorating time in God’s presence. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome awaits welcoming delegates from across the globe to the historic conference.

The annual conference is always concluded by the prestigious LoveWorld Presidential Awards and LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards (LIMA). This famous award ceremony recognizes the various gospel artists that make up the Loveworld Music Ministry (LMAM). The LIMA awards celebrate all the best music, dance, spoken word, and many other art forms, all of which are inspired by the vision of the Believers Loveworld president, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Prepare yourselves for an unforgettable experience this year.

Helping Others at International Media Connectors Conference 2021

Make sure that you are registered and prepared for the IMCC 2021 Conference that began yesterday, the 14th of September, and will run till the 16th of November. The International Media Connectors’ Conference 2021 is expected to motivate all media connectors in the LoveWorld Nation and get them fully equipped for the next level on the 6.5 billion mandate given by the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The ministry is so enriched with so many innovative LoveWorld apps, learn what you can do to improve your skills.

Last year at the IMCC, the esteemed Pastor Lanre Alabi shared some mind-blowing insights on the conference, highlighting powerful points and giving us some thoughts on global dominance:

“We must believe in ourselves. We must believe that whatever comes from us is the best and believe in our products. If you believe in our products, you will use them. For the church to dominate, it must begin from the inside.”

He continued by saying: “Always be sensitive to human needs. It should be our desire to help people and as media Connectors, we need to find ways to help people, to eliminate the challenges that people face. When you’re sensitive to the needs of people, you will find the solutions. As a media connector, you have the initiative to make things easier and better for people and to create solutions.”

Spiritual Training at International Teens Pastors and Leaders’ Conference (ITPLC)

The ministry’s special conference for teenagers, the International Teens Pastors’ and Leaders Conference, is also starting today. This event will run until Wednesday, November 17th.

The youth pastors will be exposed to training and teaching sessions from seasoned pastors at the LoveWorld Ministry. Youth pastors are traveling to Nigeria to attend this spiritual event from all over the world.

What are your Expectations?

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What does IPPC 2021 mean to you?

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