Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Advices on Marriage and Union

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is not just a pastor, spiritual leader, and healer, he is so much more than that. The founder and president of Christ Embassy, aka LoveWorld Inc., Pastor Chris has a following of billions across the world. Besides being a Man of God, Pastor Chris offers practical advice in all areas of life. He has a forum where LoveWorld members are able to ask him anything about life, relationships, marriage, and divorce.

As a Man of God, Pastor Chris uses his vast knowledge of the Word to lead his congregation to a life of spiritual value and meaning.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome speaks on Marriage and Union.

Marriage: the union between two people

Khumo from Botswana asked Pastor Chris about love. She wanted to know if she will be able to tell if she loves someone enough to marry them.

The man of God in his infinite wisdom answered the following: “You do know what love is. Do you not know when somebody loves you? You know. You can know when you love someone. But hey, you know when God loves you, do you not? You know when you love God. Same thing. But if you are talking about loving someone enough to marry that person, it is somehow wrong priorities because you are putting the wrong things first. You do not stand out to know whether you love someone enough to marry that person because you may love someone enough to marry the person but loving the person enough to stay in the marriage is a totally different thing.”

“So, what does God say? God did not say in His word that you look out for someone that you love to get married to. What you need is God’s guidance about who you should get married to. When you then get married to that person, love the one you marry. That is what the Bible says. If you marry someone, love that person. So, He says, ‘love your wife, love your husband.’ That is what He says. He did not say, ‘marry someone you love,’” Pastor Chris emphasized.

Eternal life: Our vital Union with God

Rhapsody of Realities as a life guide with rich teachings from God’s Word, designed to enrich our walk with God in this life, offers us another perspective on marriage: our union with God.

Pastor Chris explains in Rhapsody of Realities that there is a legal union that we have with God that Jesus brought us into, but receiving eternal life brought us into a vital union with God.

To explain this concept, Pastor Chris uses the example of a man and a woman. He describes a marriage relationship between them as one endorsed on the basis of mutual consent and a legally binding marriage contract.

He explains: “Then, as man and wife, as a result of the marriage, they form a family, and now that they’re a family, they have a vital union. This is different from the “signed paper”; that paper documented the legal union.”

The legal union only has authority if you have a legal problem and there was a question about anything to do with things like inheritance, the courts will need the legality of that marriage to decide.

Pastor Chris continues to expand on the union with God by adding: “Jesus brought us into a legal union with Himself and with our heavenly Father. He also gave us something that brought us into a vital union with Himself and with our heavenly Father. So, we have both the legal and the vital. Eternal life brings us into a vital union with our heavenly Father.”

Our man of God explains: “One of the great benefits of our vital union with God (the result of eternal life) is that eternal life also gives us divine health, which is better than divine healing. There’s a place for healing, but something far better is divine health. It’s a great thing to be healed, but never being sick is far better.”


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