Pastor Chris Encourages a Generation of Leaders in Africa

The Future Africa Leaders Foundation (FALF), an initiative started by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, is aimed at exploring and expanding the leadership potential in Africa and for Africa.

As stated on their website: “It is for identifying, celebrating, and supporting young Africans who have demonstrated exemplary leadership by impacting their generation positively through education, youth empowerment, and mentoring through other projects aimed at building young people and preparing them for a positive future.”

The Future Africa Leaders’ Award started five years ago as an innovation of the LoveWorld President, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. He has been recognizing the dedication of young leaders to the progress and development of the African continent at every New Year’s Eve Service. Before the award ceremony, several of the young African leaders are nominated, and the winners receive an award from Pastor Chris at the Award ceremony.

Special guest appearance by Pastor T.T Temisan, a member of the central executive council.

Africa provides a beacon of hope for the future

As Africa navigates the complexities of the 21st century, the vigor and dynamism of its youth provide a beacon of hope.

Their impact is palpable, shaping the continent into a beacon of resilience, innovation, and progress. The narrative of Africa’s future is being inscribed by the hands of its young people, who are not merely inheritors of the continent’s legacy but architects of its destiny.

The FALA Nomination show from the 17th of December will be rebroadcast on the 21st and 26th of December 2023. Let’s amplify the stories of our youth and build excitement for the grand awards on 31st December 2023, where the 10 winners will be announced.

The Future Africa Leaders Nomination Show featured 30 outstanding young leaders representing 54 African nations, all set to be honored at the prestigious Future Africa Leaders Awards.

The nominees were divided into various categories:


Access to education and skills development opportunities form a critical foundation for the future success and productivity of African youth. Countries across the continent have realized the importance of education, investing significantly in expanding school enrolment and bringing it to 80 percent on average. For African youth to meaningfully contribute to their communities and nations, they need educational opportunities that are diverse, high quality, and adaptable to the future labor market. Meet our nominees who have contributed greatly to the Educational sector in 2023, introduced by Hidayat Tlemcani, 2022 FALA prize winner from Morocco.

Kathleho Mojakisane – 20 years old from Lesotho

Julienne Ariori – 22 years old from Benin Republic

Natasha Pofera – 20 years old from Malawi

Derick Absalom – 23 years old from Tanzania


The current trend and statistics of over 226 million young people, between the ages of 15 to 24 years, indicate that this figure in the next few years with such a large population of young people, supportive policies and programs for youth development is critical now more than ever. Investing and empowering young people will not only transform their lives but also transform communities, nations, and the continent—helping to break intergenerational poverty, address inequalities, and create a stable, peaceful, and prosperous Africa.

Meet our nominees in this category who have contributed greatly to empowering other young people in Africa, introduced by Portia Manyaya, 2022 FALA prize winner:

Annick Bado – 23 years old from Burkina Faso

Yvonne Tsumbirani – 23 years old from Zimbabwe

Malkia Mutwoki John – 22 years old from Kenya

Favour Bassey Effiom – 19 years old from Nigeria

Emma Kwaje – 22 years old from South Sudan


The nominees for innovation were announced by Victor Mba 2020 FALA winner:

Matilda Kahunde – 24 years old from Uganda

Lydia Bwalya – 20 years old from Zambia

Vision Simeon – 23 years old from South Sudan

Bouchra El Mourabit – 20 years old from Morocco

Ezekiel Ubani – 24 years old from Burundi

Collins Mwangi – 23 years old from Kenya

Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, & Technology:

The FALA nominees in the category of entrepreneurship, agriculture, and technology which represents change agents pushing boundaries, were introduced Babara Sunguti, the 2016 FALA winner.

Silia Taider – 22 years old from Algeria

Wissal Rida – 23 years old from Morocco

Francis Nyong – 23 years old from Nigeria

Mariama Gendemeh – 23 years from Sierra Leone

Success Ekoh – 21 years old from Nigeria

Transformative Leadership Empowerment:

Young people from Africa are emerging as powerful catalysts for change, driving innovation, and shaping the continent’s future.

Denise Ruth Loemba Won-Mi – 22 years old from the Republic of Congo

Rose Mary Nnamuleme – 23 years old from Uganda

Mohammed Ali Ifouls – 21 years old from Morocco

Alieu Sasay – 20 years old from Liberia

Abdimalik Hussein – 24 years old from Somalia

Lyna Bossa Tchedre – 23 years old from Togo

Racidatou Daillo – 24 years old from Guinea

Clinton Arko from Ghana

Kalola Bwalya from Zambia

Chaimae El Koufi from Morocco

Stay tuned for updates on all the nominees on the 31st of December at the New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris.

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