Pastor Chris Declares April to be the ‘Month of Intercession’

“This month, be moved by the needs of others and intercede for them,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome admonished as he declared April the ‘Month of Intercession‘ at the recently concluded Global Communion Service.

Amidst a global audience, Pastor Chris delivered a poignant message, urging viewers to be stirred by the needs of others and to engage fervently in intercession. Pastor Chris used the story of Job from the Bible as an example to demonstrate this message.

As believers, it is a time to transcend personal concerns and stand in the gap for those in need, both near and far.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome declared April the ‘Month of Intercession’ at the recently concluded Global Communion Service.

Be Blessed while Blessing Others

This month, take your attention away from yourself and be concerned about others. Pray and intercede for others. Throughout this month, let us unite in prayer, lifting up petitions for healing, restoration, and breakthroughs for individuals and nations worldwide.

With Pastor Chris’s guidance, we can cultivate a spirit of empathy and compassion as we intercede for the welfare and upliftment of humanity.

In the heart of a world often consumed by its own cares and pursuits, there comes a clarion call, resonating with the echoes of compassion and empathy. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a beacon of spiritual guidance and insight, has just unveiled the theme for this April: the ‘Month of Intercession’.

“Be Concerned for Others,” says Pastor Chris

“Be concerned about what others are going through, and make up your mind that through prayers, you will effect changes,” the Man of God admonished.

As the global community gathered for the April Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris, the message reverberated across continents, igniting a flame of collective action and heartfelt prayer.

Intercession, the act of standing in the gap for others in prayer, takes center stage in this month’s spiritual journey. Pastor Chris’ announcement poignantly reminded us of the power embedded within the simple yet profound act of interceding for one another. It is a call to arms, not of physical warfare but of spiritual warfare waged on our knees, advocating for the needs and concerns of others.

In a world often characterized by division and discord, the concept of intercession serves as a unifying force. It transcends boundaries of race, nationality, and creed, binding believers together in a common purpose: to uplift and support one another through the medium of prayer. As Pastor Chris admonishes the global audience to be moved by the needs of others, a wave of empathy washes over hearts, compelling individuals to take action in the realm of the spirit.

The ‘Month of Intercession’ presents an opportunity for personal and collective transformation. It beckons believers to set aside their own agendas and to intercede selflessly on behalf of those in need. Whether for healing, provision, or reconciliation, the power of intercession knows no bounds. It is a potent tool in the arsenal of the faithful, capable of effecting change in the most dire of circumstances.

Pray with Pastor Chris for Others

Throughout the month of April, believers are encouraged to cultivate a lifestyle of intercession. This entails not merely offering fleeting prayers but earnestly engaging with the needs of others on a consistent basis. It involves standing in the gap with unwavering faith, trusting in the sovereignty of a God who hears and answers prayers.

As we embark on this journey of intercession, let us be mindful of Pastor Chris’ words: “This month, be moved by the needs of others and intercede for them.” Let us heed the call to compassion and empathy, allowing our hearts to be stirred by humanity’s cries. Together, let us unite in prayer, lifting up petitions for healing, restoration, and breakthroughs for individuals and nations worldwide.

In the ‘Month of Intercession’, let our prayers be the catalyst for change, our intercession the instrument of divine intervention. May we emerge from this season strengthened in faith and united in purpose, knowing that through the power of intercession, we can make a tangible difference in the world around us.

Upcoming events with Pastor Chris

A new phase of ‘Your Loveworld Specials’ (Season 9, Phase 3) will start this month. Get ready for another time of upgrade by the Word as you join Pastor Chris from Wednesday, April 17th to Friday, April 19th, at 7:00 pm (GMT+1) daily.

Also happening this month is another Praise Night with Pastor Chris. It is time to offer God meaningful corporate praise again at the upcoming Praise-a-thon Night with Pastor Chris in this ‘Month of Intercession’. This event is scheduled for Sunday, April 14th at 3:00 pm (GMT+1).


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