Pastor Chris Declares Isaiah Deng as the 2018 Star-Prize Winner of FALA

Multitudes of Loveworld citizens gathered for the very last service of the year with Pastor Chris. 30 Nominees from the Future African Leaders Foundation (FALF) were selected to represent the organization that is working to eliminate poverty and employment. Out of the 30, 10 were ultimately chosen as FALA winners, with Deng receiving the prestigious Star Winner Award.

Distinguished guests arrived to show their support

Isaiah Deng was fortunate to not only be bestowed by the President of Loveworld but also by former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo and the Honorable Solomon Dalong, Minister of Youth and Sport. Their presence at the FALA ceremony certainly bolstered all the contenders, showing that their voices are being heard and pushing them to take on even more successful endeavours.

Isaiah Deng with Former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the Minister of Youth and Sport Solomon Dalong
Isaiah Deng with Former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the Minister of Youth and Sports Solomon Dalong
Isaih Deng demonstrated the power of helping others

As Isaiah Deng stepped up the stage to receive the coveted FALA prize, he was met with deafening cheers from Loveworld citizens who were in awe by his grace and humanity that was illuminating war-torn Sudan after years of civil war. Recognized and praised for his efforts, Deng expressed his gratitude for the prestigious awards.

The youth leader was awarded for the program he created called”Acquire Skills for Your Future”. The training seminar was created to impart youths stuck in cycles of poverty and lack of education with computer skills. His initiative not only trained people in a highly sought after profession but also inspired thousands with his vision of nation-building and sustainable development.

Pastor Chris ministers to the crowd at final service
Pastor Chris ministers to the crowd at final service
An array of virtuous FALA recipients are working together to transform Africa

Although there was one Star Prize winner, an additional 10 FALF nominees, received prizes from the benevolent Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Among the top 10, Taonga Ngoma, a 19-year-old Zambian, who was described as “passionate, vibrant and determined” was commended on her work with orphans and at-risk youth. Her “efforts included renovating classrooms, organizing school seminars for girls and calling for the mass donations of learning materials and various sanitary products.”

Other FALA winners included: Dahaba Daniel Sakoh (Senegal); Yusuph Gasase (Tanzania); Mame Ya Mensah (Ghana); Godwin Egba (Nigeria); Ngassa Merlin (Cameroon); Chris Iyama (Nigeria); Lantante Duamangue (Niger); and, Deliwe Makata (Malawi).

Breathtaking gospel performances made way for the man of the hour

As the evening continued fans geared up for the grand holy ceremony with the man of God. The distinguished Pastor Lanre Alabi welcomed the soul winners to the annual event. Following his blessings, Praise, Testimony Jaga, CSO and Password took to the stage to minister to the teeming crowds with inspirational tunes and uplifting performances. The spectacular shows dazzled the already jubilant crowd, whose anticipation for the prophetic word of the new year was growing by the minute.

LMAM artists lit up the stage
LMAM artists lit up the stage
The word of the year was announced

Pastor Chris declared the new word of the year as the “Year of Lights“, telling his thousands of Loveworld citizens “this year, you are going to shine ever so brightly.”
The event certainly marked the beginning of a new exciting year. Pastor Chris’s declaration was met with joyous roars of excitement, a clear sign of readiness for the year 2019.

Pastor Chris revealed the significance of this word explaining that this seemingly simple word has many different facets. “Light is for illumination; light gives leadership; light gives empowerment; and, light is for signs and wonders.” Light certainly was the theme of the evening as the entire Loveworld Convocation was simply illuminated by the bright line that shone from the man of God. The soul-winners joined in hands, praising all that they had witnessed for the magical evening, from the magnanimous FALA grantees to the uplifting spiritual final service of the year.

The Loveworld president in his address, spoke on his vision for the future of the ministry, saying to the crowds ” We’re entering into a new phase of the Church’s ministry in the earth, like as never been known before — a dimension of the glory of God in the earth beyond what the Church had known.”


An exclusive live- stream

For the full FALA and New Years’ Service with Pastor Chris experience, you can find the entire live stream on both Ceflix and all Loveworld networks (Loveworld TV and Ceflix respectively. The stream was also available across all Loveworld platforms; Loveworld Plus, Loveworld SAT, Loveworld TV, Loveworld USA), all of which are also available on mobile apps.

For a condensed version, highlights of the festive event are also available on Ceflix and Loveworld News. To learn more about the activities of the Future Africa Leaders’ Foundation and how young people are transforming Africa, visit the website,  
You can also get additional updates and follow the news on Kingschat.


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