Pastor Chris announced that December is the ‘Month of Thanksgiving’

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome announced to the global audience that December is the ‘Month of Thanksgiving’. He made the announcement at the just concluded final Global Communion Service for the ‘Year of the Prolific Church’.

“God wants you to live a life of thanksgiving every day,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome told the audience.

The month of December is special and it’s always ‘the Month of Thanksgiving’ for the LoveWorld nation and followers of the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Therefore, the audience was anticipating this announcement.

The joy and excitement soared when Pastor Chris made the declaration giving clarity and definite direction on how to offer acceptable thanksgiving to God. Reading from Colossians 1:12 he admonished the saints to live a life of thanksgiving every day beyond just the month of December. He emphasized God’s desire for His children to live a life of thanksgiving and offer lavish thanksgiving to God every day.

Pastor Chris announced that December is the ‘Month of Thanksgiving’.

Previous Months of Thanksgiving

Like in previous years in the LoveWorld nation, Pastor Chris named December the ‘Month of Thanksgiving’, saying: “The Church of Jesus Christ is given authority in this age to glorify God through Jesus Christ, and for this, we must be thankful.”

In 2020, our Man of God, Pastor Chris explained the difference between giving thanks and the word of December, thanksgiving.

“Giving thanks and thanksgiving are not the same. You have to know that they are not the same. Giving thanks is thanking the Lord, expressing your appreciation… Thanksgiving is a term that you find in the Old Testament, it is revealed to us in the Old Testament,” Chris Oyakhilome said.

“It is different from thanking God… Thanksgiving is a term that is applied to a ceremony, and it is a special right in which you have the combination of the following: worship, confessions, sacrifices of praise, and with the Thanksgiving offering… It is always accompanied by a thanksgiving offering. So, it is all put together. You read it from the Old Testament,” the Man of God explained.

Things to be thankful for this month:

This month, on the 7th of December, we celebrate the 60th birthday of our Man of God, Pastor Chris. We have always honored him by offering Days of Service and good deeds to commemorate this auspicious occasion.

As a community, we give thanks and gratitude to the man whom we consider our teacher, mentor, life coach, and father. The LoveWorld nation is a culture of service and anything that you can do to help another individual is considered a good deed.

We also look forward to Christmas, FALA, the New Year’s Service, and so much more this month.

Affirmation of Thanksgiving

Thank You, dear Father, for giving me a life of greatness and excellence; I make great things happen in my life and the lives of others, through the power of Your Word, and the ability of the Holy Spirit in me.

As I study Your Word, I see my greatness and triumphant life! I go forth in Your wisdom to accomplish great things for Your Kingdom. I declare that I am of God, and have overcome the world because greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.

I am a God-man; one in whom Christ literally dwells. I am God-inside-minded; therefore, I have nothing to fear. I am born of God! I am a world overcomer. I have overcome the world with its troubles, failures, and darkness; I have overcome every power, every force, and everything that’s against me. It doesn’t matter what’s out there in the world; I have overcome them all because Christ lives in me.

I dwell in peace and safety; I am of good cheer because Christ overcame the world for me. I acknowledge and walk in the reality of my divine life in Christ; who Christ has made me, and all that He’s bequeathed to me. I reign and rule over circumstances. I refuse and reject anything that’s inconsistent with the life of Christ in me. The evidence of the indwelling presence of Christ is seen in the quality of life I live.

I am living and enjoying the higher life in Christ, and my life is a testimony to those around me that indeed, there’s a higher life in Christ. Thank You, Lord, for the indestructible and unconquerable life of Christ in me. Everything I am and represent exudes the Christ-life. The greater One lives in me! Hallelujah.

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