Pastor Chris and Inner-City Mission Plan to Help Schools Across 40 Nations.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and fellow partners from ‘The Inner-City Mission’ are busy preparing themselves for a brand-new campaign entitled “Back-to-School. The campaign is an effort to get kids “back to school” by paying their school fees and providing them with back to school kits. “Most indigent children cannot afford to go to school and many who started are forced to drop out due to lack of funds.”

The goal is to “raise funds to get deprived, vulnerable and excluded children enrolled into school. Through this initiative, we help them get ‘Back to School’ by paying their school fees and providing them with Back to School Kits.”

In the recent Boko Haram related attacks, the campaign rose to the occasion. The NGO organized a massive donation of educational materials and handed it out to all the children in the in the IDPs (internally displaced people).
Awoi Augustine, a NEMA official for the educational sector expressed how he and his team were hoping and praying for a miracle to occur. Lucky for Augustine and his team, it just so turned out that his prayers were answered. The man of god and his Inner-city Mission squad pulled up to the IDP gates. “We cry to the community, to the world entirely to come in, in any way they can to help these IDPs (internally displaced people).

The NGO organizers entered with truckloads of treats and school supplies bringing wide smiles to all the kids. They responded with overwhelming excitement and cheered at the gates as they witnessed the Inner-city mission team members arrive with school packs for each and every child.

One young victim named Prince Midenda, spoke of his experience in the IDP.

“They [Boko Haram] attacked my village, shooting at anyone they saw, we started running, trying to hide from them, as I was running I felt something hit my leg, the pain was so much, there was blood everywhere.”

Prince, one of the beneficiaries of The Inner-City Mission’s Back to School Campaign’s efforts, was rushed to hospital and saved. Prince expressed great gratitude for the NGO’s humanitarian efforts. Thanks to Pastor Chris he is on his way to recovery and has a chance at a future. He said that he is “thanking God almighty for delivering us from the Boko Haram.”

Pastor Chris Inner-City Mission
Prince Midenda

The Back to School Campaign has done amazing work for children at risk, especially assisting kids who have been affected by Boko Haram insurgents. There are thousands of kids who are suffering from recent attacks. The violent attacks have destroyed thousands of lives, wrecking families and communities across the region. In cases like these, it is usually the children who are affected the hardest with a chance at education being stripped away from them. These children are often left without basic learning tools and broken and undeveloped education centers.
Nigerian youth especially have been severely hit by the insurgency. According to a recent UNICEF report “of the 1.4 million children displaced by the fighting in the Northeast over 900 000 of them are of school age”. Sadly, there many millions of suffering communities elsewhere.
Fortunately, Pastor Chris and the Inner-City Mission, more help is on the way.
The Campaign is gearing up for a global mission where they will extend their loving hand across 40 nations.
“This year 2018, the campaign is geared towards enrolling 20,000 kids who were forced to drop out of school due to poverty or have never had the opportunity to attend school”
Founded in 2005, the Inner-City Mission for Children reaches out to orphaned and vulnerable children living in deprived communities and the forgotten places of our world.”

“In addition, the Inner-City Mission will plan to improve infrastructure and “provide learning supplies to identified schools in inner-city communities where we work. This will improve the quality of education that these children receive.”

Pastor Chris Inner-City Mission
Children receiving school supplies from Pastor Chris and Inner-City Mission

The Back to School Campaign is part of the greater Inner-City Mission organization. The consultative organization is a faith-based NGO established in 2005 and aims to assist indigent children. The organization is one of the many outreaches of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation that assists children in undeveloped urban areas.

The Pastor Chris outreach program contributes to children’s’ wellbeing in various ways and has developed “sustainable and participatory interventions via its Child Development, Child care and support, Health and Nutrition, Family Strengthening, Inner City Mission for Children School and other programs.”
Very few of us can work among and serve the world’s poorest. But all of us can support that work with the fruit of our labor. Bring your skills to the whole world.”
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