What it’s Like to Celebrate the Birth of Christ with Pastor Chris?

Missed the service live? Didn’t get a chance to watch it in full? Check out the full event on the link below the article.

Personal excitement

I’m not the only one that anticipates Christmas and considers it the best holiday of the year. And yet this year there was something unique that made the day so much better than any other year, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate and witness the Christmas Service with Pastor Chris.

It has been a long time coming, I’ve watched many of the Reverend’s services online and through my church, yet witnessing it in first hand was a spiritual game changer. The energy from the crowd was enough to bring any sinner back to the glory of the Lord.

Grand entrance

Pastor Chris constantly preaches and teaches us of self-love. If God loves us, if Jesus was created to love us, then who are we not to love ourselves. Who are we not to believe in our future and our success. If we have faith, and believe in His word we must have the same approach and love to ourselves.

The evening was filled with caroling and singing praising Christ and God for this beautiful holiday. Pastor Chris was the host of the evening and it was a true delight! He was dressed in a festive white suit in celebration of this beautiful and graceful day – singing and wishing the excited crowd a merry Christmas. Chris Oyakhilome was walking through the ecstatic crowd wishing those near him and around the world a merry Christmas.

From the sermon – Chris Oyakhilome

Experiencing  this amazing opportunity to witness Pastor Chris speak about the Christmas and its true meaning felt like a type of personal rebirth. We must learn from the life of Jesus, his sacrifices and especially from his endless love.

“Merry Christmas everybody, lift your voice and thank God for His grace for His kindness, for His love”

The evening had an incredibly festive tone, every spiritual guidance was escorted with song and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ.

“The Lord is gracious and He is kind, and He is wonderful. Glory to God.”

“Why do I love Christmas? It’s all about one man, one God man, it’s all about Him, Jesus Christ. But in reality it’s about us, more than it’s about Him. Jesus was born for us, not for God. He was the only one ever to be born for others. Your life is always for you, if you live well it’s for your good, if you don’t you’re in trouble. You’re not doing anybody any good to live well, you’re doing yourself good. But Jesus was born for other people, there was no other reason for him to be born. He was born for us. This is an amazing reality.”

“Christmas time is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Everybody is beautiful because Jesus made us beautiful. The Bible says that we love Him because He first loved us. He’s why we are the way we are.”

“Jesus is God’s word in flesh”

“Jesus is God’s love in flesh”

“Jesus cannot choose to love you or not love you. You were born a human person, you cannot choose to be a human, or choose to not be a human; it’s your nature. You can’t become a cow or a dog. Jesus cannot make a choice to love you or not love you. He is God’s love in flesh, He is the love of God.”

“All the works of Jesus were works of love”

“Love is about value, you can only love what you value, and when you love you value. If God loves you that means God values you. That means you’re important to God.”

His words touched me

I know that these words will stick with me throughout the year, when I’m down or depressed, when I feel anxious or loss in faith. Pastor Chris made it clear that it is our obligation to love ourselves, If we believe in God it is a must to then believe he loves us and thus we need to love ourselves to serve His glory and message.

It felt like a celebration with the Lord in center stage, all the singers singing and dancing with Pastor Chris on stage and with the crowd to celebrate Christ his birth, life and sacrifice.

My favorites, Sinach and Eben were there too, so for me it was a personal success to witness their wonderful dongs of Gospel.

Watch the whole glorious event:


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