A once in a Lifetime Experience – Your LoveWorld Day with Pastor Chris and Benny Hinn

A great experience

What a night it was! Full of amazing guest preaching the Word of God. In addition to the uplifting presence of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn, there were many other sharing the stage. All spiritual men with the purpose of praising the Lord through Christ’s Gospel.

‘Your Loveworld’ is a special edition of the flagship program and it was indeed marvelous. The episode commenced yesterday at the Loveworld Convocation Arena streaming live on all the Loveworld networks, allowing many to participate around the world.

What an extraordinary time it was, and an honor to have great ministers of the gospel share the stage coming with a word of blessing for this hour.

The program continues today till Friday the 19th, be sure to catch it live on any of the Loveworld Networks.

Mike Smalley

The most meaningful part to me was Mike Smalley, an outstanding Evangelist and special guest at the LoveWorld event. He spoke about the ‘three weapons that will never fail you’:

Your confession

  • Your mouth can move mountains
  • The mouth of the upright (not God) shall deliver you
  • Life and death are in the power of the tongue

Your seed of honor

  • When you sow honor in any environment (whether right or wrong) God hours you with a harvest
  • When you honor God with your meditation he honors you with his revelation.
  • ‘Honour’ in an environment brings you promotion
  • Daniel and Joseph were promoted when they sowed the seed of honor
  • Anytime you allow your budget to determine your seed you have given Satan the right over your harvest

Your faith  

  • Doubt sees the obstacles, faith sees the way
  • Doubt refuses to take a step but faith soars high, without faith it is impossible to please God
  • Your faith unlocks divine provision and abundance
  • Your seed documents your trust in the lord
  • When you sow a seed wrapped in faith, your harvest is guaranteed

Watch the whole show:

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