June 2019 – Pray-A-Thon with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Until and unless God’s spirit instructs otherwise, June is always for us the month of prayer – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

It’s the month of June and if you have been around the LoveWorld nation for some time, you know exactly what that means. The month of prayer is upon us and there is no better time to come before God, with your LoveWorld community and under the headship of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Last Sunday, June 2nd, Pastor Chris ushered in the new month at the June edition of the Global Communion service. June has remained the month of prayer and will continue to serve the LoveWorld nation as such a time set apart until the Holy Spirit instructs otherwise, as Pastor Chris shares in his address to the Christ Embassy church last week.

This year, the month June will stand for the same thing but be filled with new resurrected power! There will be non-stop 24 hours of prayer for 30 full days. Pastor Chris encouraged all to partake in the June 2019 Pray-A-Thon and join him from different nations across the ministry. The schedule is set in such a way that gives 15 minutes of prayer at different times of the day to each global network. The Pray-A-Thon began officially on June 3rd, just after Pastor Chris’ announcement, and will go until July 3rd with continuous intercession and prayer to God.

Since the year 2010, The Pastor Chris Live global prayer network has operated and served as the fastest growing online prayer network. The practice of prayer is the foundation of the faith, as it is the very thing that brings us closer to God and His power working and moving in our lives. As prayers and glory go up, blessings always come down.

Thus far, the first ever annual Pray-A-Thon has hit off as a huge success in the kingdom of God. With each part of the LoveWorld nation represented throughout the month – Christ Embassy regional, ministry centers, and zonal churches – the prayers coming out of LoveWorld and under the leadership of man of God Pastor Chris are surely filling the heavens from one side of the world to the next.

We are only now wrapping up the first week since the kick-off of the Pray-A-Thon with Pastor Chris and lives are changing everywhere as the power of prayer breaks through each and every home of the families tuning in. Participation from groups all over the world are continuously increasing as the spiritual atmosphere surrounding the LoveWorld Nation begins to shift.

This first-ever non-stop prayer experience is expected to impact the world in incredible ways. We have seen prayer work countless times as the Father rejoices over us and gives every good thing to His children who ask. So, what are you waiting for? God is listening and He cares deeply for the cares of His children.

Each day during this Month of Prayer the man of God, Pastor Chris sends out different prayer posts asking followers and intercessors to join him in various specified topics. There is much power behind the prayers of one righteous person but imagine the power behind the prayers of many! We come together and join one another, in one heart and one spirit, to pray and seek the Lord and His will in certain things.

LoveWorld is proud to admit that the powerful prayer chain has not been broken even once since the first night of the kick-off, on June 3rd. The ministry is blown away with the support and participation from many of thousands of prayer warriors taking ownership and praying for 15 minutes at a time.

You do not want to miss any more of this glorious Pray-A-Thon with Pastor Chris. Ensure that you are a part of all the wonderful things God is doing in our community through the Pastor Chris Live Pray-A-Thon by following the PastorChrislive Super User on KingsChat to watch daily live streams. You can also participate on the PastorChrisLive (PCL) TV.

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