June is the Month of Prayer

The June Global Communion Service with the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, began with praise and thanksgiving to God. The service was hosted from LoveWorld Studios in Lagos, Nigeria, and transmitted live to a global audience via all LoveWorld TV stations and also streamed live on several internet platforms.

With great enthusiasm and excitement, the esteemed Director of Programs, LoveWorld Inc., Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka, welcomed the global congregation to the special Communion Service, concluding the first half of the “Year of Perfection.” She encouraged us to have deeper insight into the Word this month and to participate actively, to ensure that every expectation will be exceeded. Already 6 months into the year, she encouraged the congregants to acknowledge that “it is still my year of perfection.” This year more than ever before, we have witnessed the Power of God at work through the Church and as prophesized by Our Man of God, the plan of God and the activities of man collided significantly.

The LoveWorld anthem was led by the Gospel music sensation, Pastor Saki, and the esteemed Pastor Lanre Alabi, Director, Church Growth International, led the global congregation in a special session of prayer of thanksgiving. He brought to our attention that this June marks a decade since the inception of the Pastor Chris Global Prayer Network. Through continuous prayer, tremendous feats have been accomplished, as witnessed by the recent victory experienced by the Church.

End of the ‘Month of Opening’

Pastor Chris introduced the special program with a simple thought – “healing is for you.” While the world has been in turmoil during the COVID-19 pandemic and world socio-economic crisis, he went on to say that “God designed for each one of us to be healthy and sound, prosperous.” This was highlighted by testimonies of different people who received healing by an act of their faith in God’s Word. Pastor Chris prayed for all of us to trust in His love, and expect miracles to take place now.

As we said goodbye to the month of May the ministers in the studio discussed what the ‘Month of Opening’ meant to them. Many countries removed restrictions imposed by their governments on the citizens during the coronavirus pandemic. People’s understanding of the Word of God was opened due to the enormous success of WordFest2020, which culminated on the weekend with the WordFest Extravaganza. Pastor Chris used the scripture from Psalm 119:18 to highlight the opening of spiritual eyes and understanding the wonderous things in God’s Word.

Beginning of the ‘Month of Prayer’

Pastor Chris announced that although the conclusion of the 7th phase of ‘Your LoveWorld’ coincided with the Global Communion Service, there will be another Global Prayer Day on the 26th of June. This promises to be very special and different to the other two prayer days, the first of which was the entry point of the prayer programs on the 27th of March, and the second of which, 2 weeks ago, was about making power available. The 26th of June will be about using what we learnt during the month and launching every individual into a new level of life in Christ.

This month of June, as has been every year since it’s inception, is the ‘Month of Prayer.’ Already into the year of prayer which started in January with 15 minute segments of every hour of every day, we will be doing extra praying in this month with an additional hour allocated to anyone twice in the month, organized by the churches. Each of these hours will be distributed amongst various groups and individuals are requested to do something special this month like organizing 10 to 20 people to pray with. Pastor Chris reiterated that “there is more faith when you know someone is praying for you or with you.”

The service was concluded by beautiful renditions of songs of worship to God led by Chris Shalom, which inspired and exhilarated the congregation. For those of you who missed the Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris you can click on the link below:

You can also log on to www.pastorchrisonline.org to join the ongoing Global Service and receive God’s Word for a glorious second half of the year.

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