Join Pastor Chris in the Biggest Global Ministers’ Classroom in the World

The ISM Global Ministers’ Classroom (GMC) operates under the International School of Ministry, led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Established in 2018, this interdenominational program unites various categories of Ministers of the Gospel, including Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, Bishops, Youth Ministers, Church Founders, Lay Ministers, and Ministry Leaders, in a single Global Online Classroom. The initiative facilitates fellowship, the exchange of divine knowledge, and the dissemination of Grace necessary for ministry work.

Join Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for the world’s biggest online classroom experience: the Global Ministers’ Classroom (GMC).

The Largest Online Classroom in the World

Since its launch, the GMC has seen a remarkable rise in attendance, growing from 8 million ministers in 2018 to 78 million in 2022 and reaching an unprecedented 168 million in 2023. This makes it the largest online classroom globally.

The 24-hour event equips millions of ministers of the gospel with essential divine knowledge for effective ministry, rekindles their zeal for ministry work, clarifies lingering questions, and provides tools for advancing the Kingdom in these final days.

Now in its sixth year, the ISM Ministers’ Global Classroom with Pastor Chris is slated for Friday, May 24th at 2 pm (GMT +1) through Saturday, May 25th, 2024. This year’s program includes inspiring teachings from esteemed Senior Ministers worldwide, impactful testimonies from past attendees, a Q&A session with Pastor Chris, and panel discussions on relevant topics for today’s ministers. The highlight of the event will be the plenary sessions conducted by Pastor Chris himself, promising a phenomenal time of revelatory teachings and the distribution of Grace for ministry work.

Register is Free

The program will be broadcast live on the International School of Ministry’s online platforms in all world languages, enabling every minister to participate in their preferred language. Registration is now open for all Ministers. To register yourself, other ministers, and Christian leaders within your network, use the link below:—class

Numerous testimonies from previous editions highlight the program’s impact:

“This Course has sharpened my skills in handling online outreach for greater productivity. Knowing that there are over 4 billion people on the internet gives me a greater desire to reach them for the Gospel because this is greater population compared to the country I am based.” – Pastor Soter Mapulo from The God-like Church, Zambia.

“Being mentored by the man of God, Pastor Chris is one of the greatest blessings any minister can ask for. I always look forward to opportunities to hear the teachings with Pastor Chris and all what I received from the GMC was more than a teaching; they were life truth and practical too. As he spoke, I was hearing the Holy Spirit speak solutions to issues in my ministry. I took action notes for implementation. These are things you can’t find in a Theology book. Thank you so much Pastor Sir for yielding yourself to the ministry of the Spirit in such a very special way and for always pouring out the wisdom of God into us your children. I love you dearly Sir.” – Pastor Isaiah Fine from the UK (GMC 2022)

“After the GMC, we were charged up to do more for the expansion of the kingdom of God, especially our ministers who attended for the first time. We used to have limited visions, but we were stirred up in our inner man and our visions for the Gospel expanded. The ministers were excited to do more for the kingdom of God; many of them indicated to start up minister cells. Praise God, we have started more than 30 cells! Praise God!” – Evangelist Archana Mamidi from the UK (GMC 2023)

As we approach the eagerly anticipated 2024 GMC, join millions of ministers in the world’s largest online classroom for the distribution of Grace for effective ministry.


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