Healing Streams with Pastor Chris: Triumph Over Sickness

Once again, the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris will be brought to the nations of the world from the 9th till the 11th of July, 2021. It is a special online program designed by the Holy Spirit to bring divine healing to everyone that requires healing for their bodies. It’s yet another opportunity to experience marvelous testimonies of faith and triumph over sickness, infirmities, and diseases.

The Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome have become a hub of hope, miracles, and outstanding testimonies for millions of participants from around the world. God’s healing power spread out across the globe through the revolutionary Healing Streams Live Healing Services with world-renowned healing evangelist Chris Oyakhilome, will take place again in 25 days’ time.

The March event of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Healing Streams program was not only the largest healing crusade ever with the Christ Embassy president, but it also became the most-watched LoveWorld event in history.

During the three days of Healing Streams, the series received over 4 billion unique logins and the shows were streamed live in 1,047 languages, making it the largest event ever in the LoveWorld Ministry.

Since its inception, the Healing Streams Live Healing Services has served as a place for healing, hope, and miracles, and several believers told their testimonies of healing during the recent Healing Streams program.

The LoveWorld Nation is blessed with another time to make power available to effect changes for the sick and afflicted around the world at the upcoming 3-day Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris, which will be streamed live globally on all LoveWorld platforms.  The entire world will be brought into an atmosphere of miracles as the Man of God, Pastor Chris, ministers in the fullness of the blessings of the gospel. You can feel the benefit of coming together to pray, and be witness to the miracles that occur during the three days of intense prayers. With the Online Healing Services, you can make healing happen no matter the location. Prayer is the key to unlocking the endless blessings of God. You will direct the power to heal.

Prayer is a powerful tool and it illuminates our world. When we pray together a bigger crop of miracles will come to fruition, as we unite in prayer for the healing of others. There are many people all over the globe who require the miracle of Chris Oyakhilome’s healing.

Global Miracle Faith Seminar

Last month also saw billions of people connect worldwide for the May 2021 Global Miracle Faith Seminar with the Healing School and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. It was a remarkable and powerful time of the Word, with extraordinary moments of worship, teachings and inspiring testimonies.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome explained in the ‘Healing to the Nations’ edition for the month of May, that “Faith is the victory that overcomes the world! There’s no battle left for any child of God; every battle has been fought and won by Jesus. All He expects today is for us to live in the realm of the finished works by maintaining the victory that HE obtained for us through His death, burial, and resurrection.”

He continued by saying: “As we consistently take our stand in faith against sickness, disease, poverty, death, and every manipulation of the enemy, we are maintaining our victory in Christ Jesus. You must completely reject anything that hurts or binds because you’ve been delivered from all oppression of the enemy. Our new life in Christ is a super-life; it’s a daily expression of victorious and triumphant living!”

This year’s online Healing Streams will undoubtedly be a time of the Spirit when remarkable changes will be affected as prayer partners connect online from every continent to participate live in this tremendous event. This event makes power available to those who need healing in their bodies.

Healing School Online Prayer Conference

Friday, 4th to Saturday, 5th June, was a weekend of non-stop prayer, miracles, answers, and blessings at the June 2021 Healing School Online Prayer Conference. The historic 24-hour prayer program was one with great impact; dispensing healing, salvation, and miracles to billions who connected live from every continent of the world as heard through the myriad of testimonies.

Hosted by the Director of the Healing School in the LoveWorld nation, Pastor Deola Phillips, these special live healing services have brought utter joy and relief through various healing ministrations administered by senior ministers of the LoveWorld nation.

In her opening address, she welcomed everyone participating online and via the Loveworld Networks to an awesome gathering in the unity of faith and in the authority given to us in Christ to usher in seasons of mercy and grace for the sick through prayer. “If you have a healing need, get ready to receive. What you have to do is make sure that you are expectant. Make sure that you are focused. Let the Word of God that will be ministered allow faith to rise in your heart,” the esteemed director declared excitedly. The climax of the conference was reached when Pastor Deola Phillips, began to pray for the sick. Instantly, there was divine intervention for many watching the program, and testimonies of healing poured in from homes and various healing centres.

The program line-up built inspiring thoughts into the hearts of the participants to pray effectively, and faith to receive divine healing for any sickness, disease, or infirmity.

There were moments of change for hopeless situations and above all, to create the perfect circumstances for all those desiring to participate in the July Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris. Christians who were sick were also specially brought before the Lord in fervid prayers.

How to Prepare for the Program

Register here and confirm your participation in the July Healing Streams Live Healing Services.

Prayerfully prepare for the program by picking a prayer slot @ www.healingstreams.tv/prayer

Invite someone to register and participate @ www.healingstreams.tv/3days

Set up viewing centers for the program @ www.healingstreams.tv/virtual

Give a seed towards the program @ www.healingstreams.tv/partner

Most importantly do not miss this opportunity!

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