Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris Happening This Sunday

On Sunday, June 6th, it is time for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s monthly Global Communion Service, where he will announce the theme of June.

Christ Embassy members can follow the event on all LoveWorld networks at 4 PM GMT+1.

It is already a month ago our Man of God declared May to be the Month of Illumination.

”As you study the Word, meditate on the Word, worship God and pray, your heart will be illuminated by God’s Word,” he told his global audience,” he said and continued:

“God’s plan is to have your spirit illumined in such a way that light dawns on your spirit.”


“Something is Going to Happen with You”

Reading from Psalm 19:1-11, the man of God posited that God’s Word conveys illumination, warnings, and instructions altogether. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome emphasized that the hearts of the saints would be utterly illuminated as they constantly meditate, pray and study God’s Word throughout the month.

Highlighting the uniqueness of the month of May as coming from the month of April, which was the Month of Truth, he remarked that the penetration of God’s truth would inspire profound luminance in the spirits of the global audience.

“You know, I was thinking about something when the spirit of God was ministering to me about this month being the Month of Illumination,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome postulated… “I was thinking… We just came from the Month of Truth. Now it is illumination. Think about it. People can have truth and not use it, but when it penetrates, it illuminates.”

He elaborated by saying, “It is possible to hold the truth without the right heart, and when you do that it produces no results. The truth is light and if you’re open to it, it will penetrate and bring you illumination. This month is the Month of Illumination. That means that the Spirit of God is going to do something with your life. Something is going to happen with you. Hallelujah!”

“Pray to God that your heart be flooded with light, the eyes of your heart be flooded with lights, that is, be illuminated. Amen,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said.


The Month of Illumination with Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has had several events on his program during the Month of Illumination.

Season 3 phase 4 of his ‘Your LoveWorld Specials’ premiered in the middle of the month and was followed by his highly anticipated Global Ministers’ Classroom, which attracted 40 million pastors from all over the world.

It was an online pastor training session where church workers from around the globe could learn how to become pastors, while existing pastors could improve their ministering.

Through most of May, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s WordFest 3 has also been happening.

It is a festival of meditation on God’s Word, which has taken place twice last year.

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