First Prayer of the Year 2018! Welcoming the Year of SUPERNATURAL

Welcome 2018 in the best way possible, with a prayer for this wonderful year to come. Pastor Chris declared this year as the year of supernatural in seven realms: supply, strength, abilities, insight, wisdom, knowledge and health. The supernatural is indeed possible if we dedicate our faith and life to praising the Lord. It is evident in the improvement we see in our life when we read the bible and the Rhapsody of Realities.

The supernatural in our life is highlighted through the presence of Christ and His Glory. The amazing miracles occurring through the Healing School are evidence for the great supernatural spirituality we will see this year. Be open to His word, pray with intent and spread the word of God; only through God will glory and salvation enter your life.


Christ is my life.

Having received Jesus Christ as my Lord,

I live triumphantly in righteousness,




and authority!

I walk, conscious of my oneness with the owner of the universe;

therefore, the whole world is mine.

Blessed be God!


If you use all the lights in the world to define your life, you’re sure to see things that you don’t like. But under His light, you’re excellent and full of glory.

God’s light

—His Word

—shows who you are, what you have, and your abilities in Christ.

You may use the X-rays and see the human bones or anatomy, but only the Word shows the greater One that lives in you.

Apart from showing you your endowments and rights in Christ, the Word also produces in you such changes that are consistent with the message it bears.

Moreso, the Word leads and directs you in God’s perfect will for your life, imparting you with the wisdom to fulfill it.

As you study God’s Word and meditate therein, you’ll have light as to the specific things you’re supposed to do this New Year.

You’ll have light as to the goals to set, and the definite steps to take in actualizing those goals. You’ll have the insight and knowledge to deal excellently in all your affairs.

You’ll walk in success, health, prosperity, peace, and strength if you would walk in, and see by God’s Light

—His Word.

Amen! God bless!

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