Double Celebration for February with Pastor Chris

It’s a double celebration for February as we gear up for the second Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris in the ‘Year of the Gathering Clouds’. This is to be accompanied by another Praise Night. The special global service is will take place on Sunday, 7th of February at 4:00 pm GMT+1(10:00 am EST). The special service will be broadcast live on all LoveWorld Networks, and other social media platforms. Join our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to find out what the Lord has to say about February!

The Past Praise Night

The last Praise Night with Pastor Chris was an incredible night of reverence and worship of the living God. Songs of praises to His name and His wonderful works were sung. Greatness was ascribed to the King of kings and Lord of lords.

During the global program, Praise Night with Pastor Chris, the man of God read from Philippians 4:19: “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus,” he explained that “whenever you are given an opportunity to give to God, seize it!”. “It means a lot in heaven. It is an eternal thing. God never forgets, and He will always bless you.”

Pastor Chris has said in the past: “Praise is one of the most devastating weapons of war; it completely shatters the walls of the enemy.”

Through our praises, we will cause extraordinary miracles to take place in all nations of the world.

He urges God’s people to always have His praise on their lips because He deserves all the praise. He explained that one of the ways to praise God is to declare His excellences.

Past Global Communion Services

We are looking forward to hearing the word of the month for February. Each month our Man of God, Pastor Chris declares a theme for the month. Last year, the year of Preparation, we celebrated each reveal with great joy and excitement.

The year began with January, the ‘Month of Celebration’, which was followed by February, the ‘Month of Grace’.

“This month of February is the ‘Month of Grace’, and what the Lord is saying to us about this month is that more grace is being released. He gives more grace,” The Man of God continued by saying: “There is no place in the world of God in the scriptures that talks about more anointing. You do not get more anointing. What God gives is more grace.”

In March, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome introduced the ‘Month of Change’, followed by the ‘Month of Truth’ in April.

Pastor Chris declared May to be the ‘Month of Illumination’, while June was named the ‘Month of Prayer’. July was called the Month of Joy.

The LoveWorld President, Pastor Chris announced August to be the ‘Month of Praise’ and September to be the ‘Month of Visualization’.

“This month you, are going to use the visual powers to create the circumstances that you want,” he told the global audience at the September Global Communion Service.

The ‘Month of Visualization’ continued in October and November was declared as the ‘Month to Watch and Pray’.

The last month of the ‘Year of Preparation’ was officially named the ‘Month of Thanksgiving’.

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