Breaking News: Pastor Chris Landed in the Holy Land

Praise the Lord, our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has landed in the Holy Land with an entourage of followers and supporters from around the world. He was warmly greeted by many, receiving VIP service from the airport administrators. His landing marks the beginning of an eight-day Holy Land tour to Israel, accompanied by hundreds of followers. The Pastor’s delegation came all the way to the Land of Milk and Honey to bring to life all that is said in the Holy Bible. LoveWorld, also known as the Christ Embassy Church, founded by the Pastor himself, organized this event to provide the opportunity for believers around the world to witness and experience Israel first hand.

Pastor Chris was greeted wonderfully in the most famous airport in Israel, Ben Gurion Airport. He arrived at the airport with his entourage of followers, as well as hundreds of supporters who came to welcome his presence into to the Holy Land. The moment of arrival was an incredible one, filled with spirit and gratitude towards the Pastor. People shared stories about how he has moved them and brought them closer to our savior Jesus Christ. The room was filled with Christians from all across Israel, along with Jews, who appreciate the work Pastor Chris does for communities worldwide. He was treated with the utmost respect. Ben Gurion Airport gave him VIP service, further strengthening the bond the State of Israel has for the Evangelical community.

After the warm welcoming the Pastor received, he led his grand delegation to their place of residence, in the holiest city in Israel, Jerusalem, to begin their incredible journey throughout the Land. Here he will continue to preach the Word of the Lord to his supporters and further discuss the upcoming events they were waiting for in the historical and magnificent country. Pastor Chris has given the delegation an incredible opportunity to delve even deeper into their roots and walk the path that Jesus himself has walked.

LoveWorld Incorporation is a church that serves millions of people across the world, providing them with the Word of God and filling their hearts with the Holy Spirit. Pastor Chris guides his people through this spiritual journey through his powerful words, bringing them closer to God and the Bible. This opportunity was open to all Evangelicals who crave the Word of the Lord and desire to step foot in the Holy Land. This once in a lifetime journey will continue until May 18th, where Pastor Chris will travel across Israel, with a brief stopover in Jordan to see the biblical sites there as well. Pictures and videos from the life-changing trip can be found on all LoveWorld’s social outlets.

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