Welcome the New Month with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

It is a new month in the ‘Year of the Prolific Church’. We are readily anticipating the announcement of the word of the month at the Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, happening today, Sunday, the 2nd of July at 3:00 pm (GMT +1).

Last year we got a peak preview of the word of the month when Pastor Chris made the premature announcement at the close of the third day of the Global Prayer and Fasting that July would be the ‘Month of Joy‘.

“It will be a month of celebration and we will be eating at the Lord’s table”, he declared when he revealed the word of the month.

“This is the 7th month of the year, and God has a plan for us; we’re going to celebrate like never before,” he remarked amid joyous shouts from the global audience.

This was slightly unexpected as Pastor Chris usually reveals the Word of the Month for each month during the monthly Global Services, but he revealed July early, saying it was a special month.

This year we have had no surprise clues at all.

Welcome the New Month with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at the July Global Communion Service.

Week of Prayer and Fasting completed

We have just completed 7 glorious days of Praying and Fasting with the Man Of God where he led the Church in a program aligning God’s people with God’s will.

We know that July is going to be a special time of fellowship in prayer, praise, the Word and thanksgiving to God, as we prepare. Spread the news everywhere and prayerfully prepare your heart to receive God’s Word and instructions concerning the new month.

Coming up this month

We are excited to prepare for the coming up Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris. This will be the 8th edition of the highly popular and life-transforming program where participants have found their healing.

Healing Streams Live Healing Services is scheduled to take place from Friday, the 28th to Sunday, the  30th of July 2023.

As is written in the new edition of the Healing to the Nations Magazine: “The power of God is ready to light up the world again with healing virtues and inexplicable blessings. Once again, the air is loaded with excited expectations as nations and people from every walk of life gear up to experience yet another extraordinary fiesta of the supernatural.”

“We are very excited about the upcoming Live Healing Services and we are going all out to ensure that everyone hears about this program and participates. We expect to see diverse kinds of miracles, signs, and wonders like we have never seen before. We expect to see many give their hearts to Christ and the healing streams of God flow through all the nations of the world,” says Victor Shine from Myanmar.

Anthea from South Africa expressed her excitement as this destiny-defining encounter draws closer: “I expect thousands of people to be released from sickness and disease and for so many more to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

In anticipation of this upcoming event, God’s people are gathered in different parts of the world, praying ceaselessly through sessions hosted in virtual centers for Healing Streams One Million Prayer Clouds.

Register today so that you don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this glorious outpouring of healing upon the world. Registration is open and free. Play your part: pray, publicize, prepare places and partner. Channel God’s favor and healing to every man’s world, starting from where you are and reaching the uttermost parts of the earth.

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