The Richly Diverse Christ Embassy

One of the many Christ Embassy highlights of this year’s IPPC’s was the open ceremony. Every year, on the opening night, the annual Loveworld event celebrates the Ministry’s most cherished delegates. The highly esteemed IPPC Chairman, Pastor Joy Amenkhienan welcomed the global delegation to the LoveWorld Convocation Arena with a very important message.

Christ Embassy delegate Pastor Joy Amenkhienan gives her address
Christ Embassy delegare Pastor Joy Amenkhienan gives her address
“The Man of God will be here every day of this conference flooding our hearts transforming truths, a message that is beautiful for all situations. I would like to ask you do to do one thing at this conference. Pay attention. You will receive the inspiration of the spirits they will prepare you into action.”

The opening ceremony featured the “various earthly nationalities” who were treated to the unique experience of Nigeria’s diverse cultural heritage.
Dancers and poets artistically expressed to the thousands in the crowd, the magnificent impact that Christ Embassy has on all vast continents. Delegates soaked up the holy words, taking in the immense sense of inspiration to do and act more, all in the name of the Lord.

Highly esteemed delegates were honored, such as; Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu, CEO, Pastor Deola Phillips, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan and of course many more. These Christ Embassy superstars were an integral part in welcoming the new year, inspiring millions of members to “do much more for the Lord Jesus.”

The LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards were broadcast LIVE around the world via LoveWorld Networks, CeFLIX, and other platforms for the first time in its three-year run on Sunday, November 18th.

LoveWorld News correspondent, Pastor Peniel Love Wana gave a truly in-depth look into the annual event. Witnessing the auditorium at the pinnacle of the IPPC experience can be truly understood by viewing this video. The Christ Embassy participants can be seen enjoying themselves in the course of the event and rejoicing from every passing moment.

Similar to prior LIMA Awards, the LoveWorld Convocation Arena was super-charged with excitement as several entertainers and ministers took the stage to bless the global audience with their unique talents. Choirs, solo artists, dance groups, bands and more took turns to rile up the crowds, bringing the week-long multi-conference event to a close.

Testimony Jaga, other dance and music artists from Christ Embassy, delivered exhilarating performances and ministrations at LIMA Awards 2018.
According to a Loveworld News report “every moment of the LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards was to be savored and treasured by everyone present at the prestigious LoveWorld Convocation Arena and in homes around the world.”
Apart from the high points of nominee/winner announcements that punctuated the event, a major contributor to the experience for everyone present was the opportunity to be both entertained and ministered to by the best music and artistic talents in the world.

Multiple award-winner, Joe praise, sang his new song ‘Joy Overflow’.
Israel Strong “rose majestically out of a mystical box as the man on the mountaintop, ministering to thousands in the audience.” UR Flames sang an assortment of their hit songs in a performance that was done from a “constructed bridge in the center of the auditorium. “Others performed outside an “enchanted carriage.” Everything was designed to revive the senses, and more, to awaken the spirits.

The IPPC certainly brought everyone to their ultimate goals. The man of God got everyone to acknowledge their choices and what they currently possess in his or her lives. The LW citizens gave thanks and celebrated God’s word. Every year in the month of November, Christ Embassy citizens take stock, give thanks, celebrate God’s Word at work as they imminently step into the new ministry year.
The man of God said that “Purpose is a driving force,” Pastor Chris, addressed this idea to the “teeming population of ministers and financial partners with the LW ministry”.
As he taught this vital subject, ‘the Power and Pursuit of Purpose’, he further expounded that one should find joy “in the thing that the Father asked you to do,” inspiring delegates to live for God alone.

The thousands of members paid close attention to the man of God’s words as he sprouted this profound truth. It was certainly an extremely memorable IPPC for all Christ Embassy members.

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