Tenth Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris Coming Up

It’s time again for yet another paradigm shift in favor of the Church of Jesus Christ as people all over the world gear up to join Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for the June 2022 Global Day of Prayer in the last week of the ‘Month of Prayer and Unending Praise‘.

The over 24 hours prayer expedition will kick off at 6:00 pm GMT+1 on Friday, June 24th, and continue non-stop to Saturday, June 25th.

The live broadcast will be on all LoveWorld Networks, LoveWorld News TV channels, CeFlix, and all other LoveWorld platforms. Invite your family members, friends, colleagues, and all you know to pray along with you.

We are fighting the enemy with Prayer

We are praying to keep back evil occurrences in the world today. We pray that we have our faith and hear the word of God.

“In places where Satan has wreaked havoc, we can overturn his activities, his manipulations, and maneuvers, and establish the will of God. we must reassign such places to angels and insist that only the righteousness of God prevails therein.”

In a sermon from Pastor Chris, he said: “Words have Spiritual tangibility. Words are things. Words have energy.”  With this in mind, we’re praying for peace around the world. Peace where nations are at war, where Satan has taken advantage of for so long.  You can make a difference by joining in through any Loveworld Network. Let’s release words over the nations together!

We have weapons that are not man-made. With the shield of faith, we are able to neutralize all the fiery darts of the wicked. The Word of God is an offensive weapon to fight the good fight of faith.

Prayer is not man’s idea

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome once said that “Prayer is not man’s idea but God’s idea and the reason he wants us to pray is because He wants to answer”. Our Man of God expanded on that by saying: “Prayer in the New Testament isn’t a means of asking God for things. Rather, it’s an avenue for fellowship with the Lord, which in fact, is the highest purpose for prayer.”

At a past Global Day of Prayer, our Man of God declared: “Prayer helps us come into the fullness of the Spirit. Pray until you prevail. Pray until in your heart you have the witness that the matter is settled. The moment it is done, you will have a note of victory in your spirit; and instead of a burden, you will start laughing and singing from your spirit.”

The historic, victorious, first Global Day of Prayer with the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, took place in 2021, the ‘Year of Preparation‘.

When it took to the airwaves on the 26th of March, a staggering record-breaking attendance of over 5.3 billion participants from around the world logged in. This phenomenon also marked the one-year anniversary of the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris, which was a monumental and resounding success against the evils of the world. At a time when the world needed hope and comfort from the unknown devastation of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

As we count down to the next Global Day of Prayer, Pastor Chris ensures us that our victory is secure when you pray according to God’s will.

We will continue in prayer to ensure that all nations remain aligned with God’s master script through our prayer at the Global Day of Prayer.

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