Shalin Charumbuka Freed from Demonic Oppression at the Healing Streams wants to Take Pastor Chris out for Lunch 

We are heading towards the grand finale today, Day 3 of the 7th edition of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in the ‘Year of the Prolific Church‘. Already we have witnessed countless miracles happening everywhere, as bodies were vitalized and made whole by the Spirit of God. Rid of a variety of ailments, we saw the healed leap out of wheelchairs and stretchers, and many more jump for joy, breaking out in praise as they receive their healing.


Freed from demonic oppression

Shalin Charumbuka from Zimbabwe testifies of her deliverance from demonic oppression. Shalin’s life was like a nightmare, suffering from demonic oppression. In this dark state, she had a series of memory loss, was constantly depressed, and was socially withdrawn.

Shalin’s lifestyle was so badly affected, she left school, had to be home-schooled, she lost her social circle, and was afraid to leave the house. This affected her so adversely that she couldn’t imagine a way out. After suffering like this for almost 4 years, Shalin participated in July 2022 Healing Streams, and just like that, she received her healing and was gloriously restored.

Today, she’s back to her beautiful, bubbly self, living and winning others for Jesus. She testified live on Day 2 of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services joined by her mother who told the audience of the suffering and strain endured by the whole family.

Imagine losing 4 years of your life at the prime of your life when things should be wonderful, changing schools, making new friends, and enjoying your social life.

During her testimony Shalin told the audience that she has brought over 250 souls to Christ since her healing and is so grateful to the Man of God, words are not enough to thank him, she would like to take him out for lunch to show her gratitude!

Shalin touched so many lives with her testimony that the internet, KingsChat, and Twitter were a buzz for hours afterward. People were encouraged by her story and her bravery in sharing it with the world. Shalin’s battle was real, the demons took control of her life, and she was helpless.

The Healing Streams Live Healing Services continues today with an avalanche of miracles and testimonies. Pastor Chris told the millions of people who joined in from all over the world: “This weekend is very special. The weekend will be full of extraordinary miracles everywhere. It will be the discussion everywhere we go next week!”

Pastor Chris continued to say: “You’ll be healed in Jesus’ name. He is greater than your situation. There is nothing He can’t do. He’s the God who never fails. Just believe. You’ll be healed today.”

It is not too late to register, join Pastor Chris to witness more miraculous testimonies and healing as the power of God is available to all who believe, and that healing is a manifestation of that power. Pastor Chris teaches that the key to receiving healing is faith and that by releasing that faith, miracles can happen.

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