Praising God is a Spiritual Sacrifice says Pastor Chris

May is the ‘Month of Praise‘ the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome declared at the Global Communion Service and Praise Night. He explained that God is preparing His people for the upcoming ‘Unending Praise’ in the month of June.

“Praising God is a spiritual sacrifice. It’s an offering. It’s something that you actually give to God. Our praises have spiritual significance. They don’t come to God as songs. In heaven, these songs don’t sound like songs. They have a meaning. They come as incense to Him,” Pastor Chris reminded the global audience.

We entered a 7 day period of global fasting and prayer with Pastor Chris where we are fasting and praying every day from Monday the 2nd of May until Sunday, the 8th of May. Pastor Chris explained that you may break your fast at 6:00 pm (or earlier, if you need to). He is proclaiming the dominion of Christ over the nations of the world, causing an impact to make power available. Pastor Chris proclaims blessings over God’s people all over the world.

Every day this week at 6:00 pm (GMT+1) we will have a live broadcast to pray together broadcast on all Loveworld Networks, Ministry Websites, Alpha TV, CeFlix, Live TV, and our social media handles.

Impacting the next generation

Last month at the International Easter Youth Camp (IEYC), Pastor Chris fueled the passion of the young delegates to remain steadfast in doing all the Lord has asked them to do. The camp was full of electrifying moments captured in beautiful presentations, inspiring talk shows, testimonies, supersessions, and a mind revolutionizing sessions of teaching and impartation with the man of God, where he was quoted as saying:

“Use what God has given, be strong in the grace of Christ Jesus, put it to work.”

“Nothing is impossible when you pray to God”

Some people don’t bother praying, because even when they do, they don’t expect answers. If you don’t have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, that is, you’re not born again, you shouldn’t expect answers because He wouldn’t even hear you. However, if you’re God’s child, you have a right to expect answers when you pray; but to have those answers consistently, you must pray according to God’s Word revealed concerning prayer in the New Testament.

Nothing is impossible with Him. When you pray, God listens because you’re His child, and you pray according to His will. Whilst listening to you, He doesn’t consider your prayer with respect to another person’s. He doesn’t hold something back from you just because another person has asked for the same thing you asked for. He relates with you on a personal level.

Can you imagine what our world would be like if we all took our place in praying for the nations of the world according to God’s will?

Divine Confessions of the day

The praise of God is always on my lips because He has done glorious things in my life. I am so full of joy, and this joy makes me strong and produces health in me. All around me, at all times, there is righteousness, peace, and exceedingly great joy in the Holy Ghost. Glory to God!

Join us now to effect phenomenal changes around the world.

As we fellowship with the Spirit in prayer, our emotions are stirred toward God and He responds on our behalf.

Watch this short video that will stir you to pray and receive answers.

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