Pastor Chris Exposes Motivation Behind 5G Launch

People have been discussing their opinions on what caused the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The most debated and discussed theory is the link between the 5G network roll-out worldwide, the New World Order, the coming of the Antichrist and the eventual end of the world.


Pastor Chris Oyakilome sharing his own opinion on why he thinks the pandemic was created.
Pastor Chris Oyakilome sharing his own opinion on why he thinks the pandemic was created.

“We are dealing with the nearness of the coming of the lord, and it’s important that we understand this. The future of the nations is spoken of in the bible. What is currently happening is not a surprise. It’s important to know what the future holds for whatever country you may be living in. It’s time to take Christianity seriously. What’s happening now is one of the signs of the coming of the Lord.”  This is what Pastor Chris Oyakhilome told his congregation during Global Prayer Day while he addressed over 3 billion people worldwide. He went on later this week to describe the correlation between 5G and Coronavirus as part of the Antichrist’s Plan for a New World Order, which includes one-world government, one world religion, and one world economy. This is substantiated in the Book of Revelation Chapter 13, in the writings of John the Apostle. These are what the antichrist will use to control the world. In Biblical times we witness nations giving the antichrist their authority in the same way as Modern-day citizens vote for a president.

Pastor Chris preached to the public, with a live presentation on how the pandemic was created to popularize the latest 5G network which is sweeping across the world. “Everybody and everything will be using 5G networks to communicate in the future,” said Urve Palo, Estonia’s former information technology minister, the leader in digital public services, because of it’s Artificial intelligence (AI), that can solve nearly all the human problems, which is a breakthrough for science, technology, and medicine.

Pastor Chris explains the relationship between COVID-19 and 5G.

The Man of God went on to describe the latest vaccine technology launched by ID2020, which includes a digital identity program leveraging immunization as an opportunity to establish digital identity. Digital identity is a computerized record of everything about a person stored in a registry ostensibly to keep track of who has been vaccinated. Pastor Chris declared that with the current trend and attention given to the 5G wireless communications technologies due to the pandemic, out of fear everyone will embrace it as a solution to their problems. He beseeched the community to do their research, to learn more about the effects of the new technology and to question the motives behind the imminent launch of digital identity technology.

Nations will submit themselves to the antichrist. Pastor Chris reminds us that if you go through history, this is something that has been happening time and time again, friends transformed into enemies. Social distancing might be just another excuse for not infecting others, but there is always a name for enemies. Perhaps one of the main reasons to keep people indoors is that they can set up the sites for 5G, Pastor Chris speculated.

“These things are not new; they are just happening at different levels. Although the killer is invisible, there are various key players now. Thank God we know how to deal with this kind of situation.”

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