Nothing is Impossible with God

As we enter the ‘Month of Meditation & Declaration’ as announced by our LoveWorld President, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at the September Global Communion Service on Sunday, we celebrate the importance of the Word.

“Your tongue is a spiritual pen” — Pastor Chris.

Our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome boldly said:

“When you Meditate on the word of God and give yourself wholly to it. The time will come when the word will propel your advancement in life.”

Pastor Chris reminds us that meditation drives the Word into your spirit. It takes the Word from your mind into your spirit. In your mind, you can still reason out the Word of God; but when it gets tour spirit, it becomes real and personal to you. That Word may not have any scientific explanation, but you just know that it is reality, and there is nothing that can take it from you.

Lessons from Rhapsody of Realities

In today’s Rhapsody of Realities, titled ‘He guides us through the Word, we read that God doesn’t lead us through dreams. He guides us through the Word and the Holy Spirit. We can always depend on the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us through our spirits and through the Word.

Any vision, prophecy, or revelation that doesn’t align with the Word is not from God.

Pastor Chris tells a story about a sick man who had been a Christian for many years and had a vision where someone walked into the room, wearing sandals and a white robe, and covered with a cloud. He recounted that as he looked from the person’s feet upwards to make out his face, the image suddenly spoke and said, “It’s not my will to heal you” and disappeared.

He immediately believed it was Jesus because he said he “felt” the presence of God. From then on, he believed it wasn’t God’s will to heal him.

Our Man of God teaches us that if in a vision, you heard a voice that tells you something that’s inconsistent with the Scriptures, then it’s questionable. The question to ask is, does God want people well? Emphatically yes! He’ll never come to you in a dream or vision to tell you anything contrary. He never contradicts Himself. Every revelation must be subjected to the Word of God! This is the reason you must study the Word and know it for yourself.

“Sickness, really, can’t and shouldn’t thrive in your body, because Christ is the life of your physical body. The Holy Spirit in you already gave life to and vitalized your physical body. Believe and act on these truths today. Hallelujah!” – Pastor Chris

Testimonies prove that nothing is impossible with God

For seven long years, Angelica Trujillo was in a helpless state, suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Despite several medications, her condition did not improve. The limitations placed on her by this ailment hampered her daily activities. She could barely move or walk without falling, leaving her dependent on the use of a wheelchair and walker. Angelica experienced a miracle at the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris.

Watch the video below to see other testimonies retold at the September Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris.

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