It’s time for more illumination of God’s Word with Pastor Chris

When our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome declared October to be the ‘Month of Peace’ at the Global Communion Service, the global audience was poised to embark on a ‘spread-peace campaign’.

In the enlightening session, Pastor Chris revealed that throughout the scriptures, the Lord was known as the ‘God of Peace’ more than any other attribute. “And if He is a God of peace and you’re His child, then you’re a child of peace too,” he continued.

Reading from John 14:27 and Matthew 10:11-15, Pastor Chris explained that the saints of God carry His peace in them, and in any city or place they visit, they are meant to distribute the peace of God. He charged God’s people to unreservedly dole out peace throughout the month by proclaiming peace upon their families, workplaces, cities, nations, and all facets of their lives.

Joy and faith sprung at the hearing of such words and with gratitude in their hearts, the global audience sang praises to God for lavishly bestowing his kindness on them. With great excitement, the saints are set to distribute the peace of God to all in their spheres of contact.

So now we are preparing for the new phase of Season 6 of Your LoveWorld Specials with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. This will be the 3rd phase of the season, beginning today, Wednesday the 12th of October, and continuing to Friday the 14th of October.

The program will be broadcast daily at 7:00 pm GMT+1 on all Loveworld Networks, LoveWorld News TV channels on CeFlix, and other platforms.

It is once again time to be illuminated by God’s Word and speak peace to our nations. Join billions around the globe and get ready to receive increased knowledge from the Word of God. Pastor Chris has offered this wisdom again:

“We must not be carried away by the fears that they want to create. Don’t think about the world they are trying to create. God wants you to think about the world you are to create.”

Technology and Innovation within Christ Embassy

Another exciting event for the ‘Month of Peace’ is the KingsChat-CeFlix Social Media Week + Boot Camp + Tech Expo. This 3-in-1 event is scheduled to take place from Monday the 17th of October till Saturday the 22nd of October. It will be time to learn, innovate, create, and saturate the social media space with the Gospel and unique message of our man of God, Pastor Chris.

The purpose of Social Media Week is to empower the LoveWorld Nation to maximize the readily available technological tools for economic growth and personal development.

Two of the ministry’s most popular social media tools; KingsChat and CeFlix, will team up in the launch of the week-long online conference.

LoveWorld Inc. has been leading the way with its innovative ways to spread the Gospel for years through Pastor Chris Digital Library (PCDL).

A big undertaking of the Christian life is the joy of evangelism and soul-winning. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has delivered thousands of sermons and teachings on this topic to billions of people around the globe.

“Soul winners are precious and influential people in the sight of God. As a child of God, nothing should mean more to you than leading those in your world who have not yet known the Lord into salvation.”

“People are God’s greatest assets on earth. You will experience even more success and progress this year as you engage in soul-winning and soul-winning activities.”

His messages are always relevant and spoken with compassion, understanding, and enlightenment. They are broadcast live on LoveWorld TV, which is the first 24-hour Christian satellite television network to broadcast from Africa to the rest of the world.

It began broadcasting in 2003 and catapulted Pastor Chris to global prominence.

LoveWorld has so many opportunities today, connecting with social media, and using Twitter and Facebook is an integral part of the ministry now. God is allowing us to use social media to share not only the message of salvation but also the miracle-working power of the Holy Spirit.


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