It was weekend of celebrating souls with Pastor Chris

The just concluded ReachOut World Live with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome heralded the celebration of outstanding feats accomplished with the world’s number 1 daily devotional, and most translated book in the history of the world, Rhapsody of Realities. This achievement propelled us further to reach our milestones, as it was a celebration of souls, testimonies, and impact manifested in 2 glorious days with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

The trail-blazing event to was relished across the globe, where the mandate of reaching 7.5 billion souls for Christ was the ultimate goal. This auspicious event was held over the weekend from Friday the 2nd of September and concluded on Saturday the 3rd of September. It was beamed live to a global audience on all LoveWorld Networks and ministry platforms.

The special campaign was to deliberately penetrate and reach our world with the infallible Word of God contained in the Rhapsody of Realities, launched by the LoveWorld President himself, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome earlier this year in February. Since then, the Messenger Angel has further gained ground in every known territory of the world. Currently, read in 7000 language translations, the daily devotional peaks as the most translated material in history.

Everyone Deserves Access to the Word

The ReachOut World campaign, once launched, has witnessed the saints veer into all corners of the world with this Gospel of Christ. Only God’s Word deserves to have global reach and penetration, and the Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities, is at the forefront of taking it to the ends of the earth.

“Many are not facing physical bullets, but spiritual, fiery darts of the enemy…secure them with God’s Word!” – Pastor Lanre Alabi.

Many teenagers have been reached, and early readers, children, adults, and the youth alike have been introduced to the message of Christ as no one is left behind.

Many of the children who participated in the ReachOut World Live with Pastor Chris adopted neighborhoods and distributed Rhapsody of Realities for Kids to hundreds of other children.

Several streets, together with cities, were claimed for Christ. We believe that everyone deserves access to God’s Word, and Pastor Chris is currently campaigning to reach those that are visually impaired and with hearing disabilities, with God’s Word through Rhapsody of Realities in braille, audio, or sign language.

This targeted evangelism by the saints, united on a solid front, has already pushed the Gospel to over 7 billion people around the world. The incredible testimonies and notable advancement of the Gospel of Christ celebrated in the ReachOut World with Pastor Chris heightened all expectations.

“The fight of faith is the conflict between our earthly transient temporal circumstances and our spiritual realities. It is the unleashing of our faith on the rebellious circumstances of the time to compel changes to correspond with our stubborn faith proclamations.” – Pastor Chris

Some of the children who expressed their joy about the event shared their expectations around “more grace”, “a new me”, “salvation to nations”, “higher level of blessings” “increased knowledge of God”, and “increase in levels of preparation for the coming of Our Lord Jesus”, and “opportunities to bless the whole world” as they anticipated meeting with the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

They called it “a time for change”, “a time for doing bigger things”, and a time when “many will receive salvation” as we are set to achieve the discipleship of 7 billion people.

Fulfilling God’s dream with Pastor Chris

“We will make the dream of the Master fulfilled through us and He has given us everything required to make it happen. I am with you always to the ends of the earth!” – Pastor Chris

Our beloved man of God, President of LoveWorld Nation Inc., and Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, is a unique minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Driven by a passion to see men and women all over the world come to the knowledge of the divine life made available in Jesus Christ, he has focused on fulfilling a divine commission for over 30 years.

Pastor Chris has always said that soul winners are precious and influential people in the sight of God. As a child of God, nothing should mean more to you than leading those in your world who have not yet known the Lord into salvation, according to our Man of God.

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