It is the ‘Month of Dominion’ for Christ Embassy Church

The August Global Communion Service with the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was a time to be stirred and prepared for the month ahead.

Kicking off with an exhilarating session of prayer and praise, the global audience was stirred to receive all the Lord has prepared for us in this special month. Showing a documentary on the weaponization of laws, the global audience was enlightened on the scheme of the deep state to manipulate laws for the intent of global control by showing us that we, the body of Christ, are in charge.

The Man of God declared the month of August as the ‘Month of Dominion‘, with reference to the scriptures James 5:16-17, Hebrews 13:5-6, 1Timothy 1:18, we were guided to pay attention to 3 important things this special month which are Prayer, Faith proclamations and Prophecy charging us to dominate our worlds and every area of our lives even as he expounded to us the power of the communion and its potency to change any situation.

It is the ‘Month of Dominion’ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome announced to the Christ Embassy Congregation at the August Global Communion Service.

The last time we had a ‘Month of Dominion’ was in March 2018

“Throughout this month, walk in boldness, walk in glory, walk in victory!” Pastor Chris told the global audience.

He proceeded to give a sermon on the legal and vital realities of life in Christ.  Prior to the announcement of the word for the month being the ‘Month of Dominion’, the Christ Embassy President, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, said concerning the month, “Our thinking is different, and we’re going to do mighty things!”

Further explaining the inspiration of the Spirit, the man of God quoted the Lord Jesus saying prophetically, “You’re going to walk upon serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the adversary, and nothing shall by any means hurt you!” Through these words, we’re guaranteed a month of reigning by the Word and through the Spirit.

As Pastor Chris said, “Throughout this month, walk in boldness, walk in glory, walk in victory!”

“We can dominate our spiritual world with the Word”, says Pastor Chris

The many sermons and devotionals about the previous ‘Month of Dominion’ revolve around God’s purpose for our Lives, which is to offer spiritual sacrifices.

Pastor Chris tells us in a Rhapsody of Realities from March 2018 that our purpose is clear, and it’s one of the reasons we’re in this world, and if we’re not fulfilling it, we’re living a different dream, not God’s dream.

The Man of God said: “When you locate this as your purpose, you’d realize that God isn’t just there to answer your prayers or see to it that everything goes all right with you. Of course, He does answer your prayers and ensures that everything goes all right with you, but that’s not what He’s there for. Your fellowship with Him is more important. If you’d fulfill the true purpose for which He created you, you’d find yourself walking in His divine plan; and within His divine plan, you’re shielded from evil!”

Continuing on this message, Pastor Chris reiterated: “You won’t have to keep praying to Him to protect you against evil, because as you grow spiritually, and function in God’s purpose for your life, you’d find no need for that kind of prayer, because the prayer of Jesus Christ for you, has already been answered. Before He died, He prayed that we be delivered, protected, and kept from the evil one (John 17:15).”

“When He arose from death, He was given all authority in heaven and earth, and then He delivered that authority to us—to rule over Satan, sickness, disease, and the cohorts of darkness.”

“Thus, your life ought to be the daily expression of His praise, thanksgiving, and worship. You’re to keep offering up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ, for bringing you into a life of liberty and dominion: to reign and express His will, character, and goodness in the earth.”

We live in God’s kingdom, in His dominion. It is our duty to worship Him to the fullest extent.

Pastor Chris reminds us that living without God is the worst state to live in on earth. Living your life without Christ is not a life worth living.

Being religious, or claiming your Christian faith to others doesn’t prevail in the eyes of the Lord if your heart and spirit are filled with darkness and doubt. Heathens only understand darkness, since the light of God is not yet in their spirit. It is truly a dire life to live, with no hope in sight without the Lord almighty in our life. Alienation from the Lord is the hardest situation in life.

For this exact reason, we must dedicate our lives to spreading His Word. You must preach His message and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let the world know that Jesus is in you, and that Christ came to this world to bring us life and prosperity.

Distressing situations may come from the enemy, but in Christ, you’ve already been made victorious. He overcame the world and gave us victory, the power to subdue this world.

You’ve subdued, tamed, and conquered the elements of this world; the circumstances of life; therefore, walk in dominion over them.

You’re a King; say the Word!

God has made us kings, (Revelation 5:10), and the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 8:4, “Where the word of a king is, there is power.” Pastor Chris explains: “As God’s words carry and transmit power, your words also have in them the creative ability to produce for you a harvest of what you say.”

“Quit begging God to do something about your situation; decree the Word of God concerning that matter and effect a change. Take advantage of your office today; live as the king that you are; issue decrees and see them come to pass.”



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