IPPC 2020 Celebrates the ‘Year of Perfection’

It is less than a week to the 2020 International Pastors and Partners Conference (IPPC) with the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome. The special and highly anticipated conference is slated to hold from Sunday, November 15th, to Sunday, November 22nd at the LoveWorld Crusade Grounds, along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Southwest, Nigeria. It promises to be a truly historic celebration of excellence, alignment, completion, and fruition. Attending such a conference is a blessing. The IPPC prepares everyone for greatness and growth in the ministry. The sessions provide opportunities for illumination and the development of impactful leadership.

The annual gathering of Pastors and partners of the LoveWorld nation avails delegates from across the globe the exclusive opportunity of refinement and upgrade by God’s Word brought by the man of God, Pastor Chris, and other seasoned ministers of the Gospel. It is a time to celebrate the global impact of the ministry and the contributions of individuals, groups, and churches to the successes recorded throughout the year in various aspects of the ministry work. This year’s edition is very special, sparking great emotions in the saints who are eager to gather together as against the plans of the cohorts of darkness to completely abolish the physical assembly of the congregations of the Lord. The COVID-19 pandemic that ravaged the world for most of the year, and sought to completely shut down the Churches of Christ from gathering, but the man of God, Pastor Chris led the Church in ceaseless prayers and the Church prevailed.

On the 19th of November, esteemed partners will be welcomed with the grand opening ceremony which will continue until Saturday the 21st of November, culminating in the highly anticipated and exquisite celebration of LoveWorld Awards.

Inspiring Ceremonies

Several inspiring sub-conferences and ceremonies will also be witnessed during the epochal event including, the International Media Connectors’ Conference (IMCC) and the International Teens Pastors and Leaders’ Conference (ITPLC). The IMCC part of the conference was created with the goal of guiding the many delegates in the new and dynamic ways of technology and digital communication and is aimed to transform Christ Embassy’s online presence, making it increasingly more accessible to everyone online, especially young people. Delegates also excitedly look forward to the awe-inspiring LoveWorld Exhibition which showcases the global impact of various arms of the ministry and affiliate organizations and their projections for the future.

The stellar LoveWorld Presidential Awards and the glitzy LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards (LIMA) climaxes the week-long conference. The famous award ceremony that recognizes the various gospel artists that make up the Loveworld Music Ministry (LMAM). The LIMA awards celebrated all the best music, dance, spoken word, and many other art forms, all of it inspired by the vision of the Believers Loveworld president, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. It is going to be a grand celebration of perfection emphasizing the Church’s alignment with God’s perfect will, the display of excellence, the experience of completeness, and fruition in all ramifications. You will have an unforgettable experience, so get ready to be inspired.

Details of the conference schedule and logistics are clearly disclosed in the featured video. LoveWorld President, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, gladly awaits welcoming delegates from across the globe to the historic and game-changing conference. The IPPC is a blessing from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to all of us. The blessing from the Christ Embassy and its partners upon those who have welcomed Christ into their lives is eternal.

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