Global Day of Prayer: Bringing Hope and Faith to Many Around the World Through the Power of Prayer

Facing the concerning state of the world, during the coronavirus pandemic, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome called upon his followers to join him in a Global Day of Prayer.

“Irrespective of what we have said… It does not matter what we shouted. It does not matter what we sang. It does not matter what we asked for if He did not answer. If He did not respond. It meant nothing. What He told us… He will always hear us. He told us that we have His ear. Every time we pray, we have God’s ear,” Pastor Chris said at the very first Global Day of Prayer, held almost a year ago. This saw the largest gathering of people, reaching almost three billion people at the time of its conclusion.

He was joined by Pastor Benny Hinn, the esteemed American televangelist in California. Pastor Chris initiated the week of fasting and praying which was then extended several times due to its enormous and unprecedented success. These sessions brought great illumination, understanding of God’s Word, and untold blessings to billions of viewers from around the world.

The LoveWorld President has continued to emphasize the need for Christians all around the world to bond together in prayers for the Church and the nations of the world in these last days.

These prayer sessions are all about making power available, and restraining the power of man to control this world with evil and violence. Pastor Chris explained that “we are praying and fasting to regain our rights which are consistent with the bill of rights and also we are praying against the decrees of darkness to force us to live in a world of the beast before his time.” The man of God called on ministers of the Gospel and the saints of God from all around the world, both old and young alike, to latch on this special prayer and fasting program, ensuring that God’s will concerning the earth materializes. He emphasized that it is the responsibility of the Church to invite God’s supernatural intervention in the earth, stating that “this might be our only chance to make the necessary difference.”

Continuing the Success of the Global Day of Prayer

We culminated the ‘Month of Prayer’ with the second ‘Global Day of Prayer’ which was celebrated at the end of June for a full 24 hours.

The global participants were treated to a documentary on the drastic turn of events that marked the first quarter of the ‘Year of Perfection‘, and changed the world. The coronavirus pandemic brought the world to its knees with devastating socio-economic consequences. We had the unfolding of truth with God’s word delivered by the Man of God, Pastor Chris himself.

The third Global Day of Prayer was a highly anticipated event for the ‘Month of Wisdom‘ and ran for 24-hours from the 25th of September, making tremendous power available for dynamic changes all over the world.

“There is faith instead of fear. We thank you for your word and the Church is the advantage of the earth. This is an hour of great harvest as we give you great honor and praise. The name of Jesus is above all names and every country will be in control in the name of Jesus. On the earth, the will of God will be done.”

The fourth and final edition of the ‘Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris‘ for ‘Year of Perfection‘ was held in December, the ‘Month of Thanksgiving’ for an ongoing, unbroken 24-hour global prayer marathon.

People from all over the world have attested to miracles in their personal health conditions, families, the economy of their nations as well as an upward surge in their walk in Christ, all of which are consequent on the earlier editions of the Global Day of Prayer. It is as the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said, ‘We are ushering in a new world order through our prayers’. We need to unite in the power of prayer to effect change around the world.

The first Global Day Of Prayer in the ‘Year of Preparation’ during the ‘Month of Change’

LoveWorld and Christ Embassy use the latest technologies to amplify God’s Word and Teachings to billions of Christians in all corners of the world, on every available media format. Join our man of God from March 26th through to March 27th, to effect tremendous global changes through prayer!

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