Former African Leader And Nobel Prize Winner to Announce Future African Leader Star Award


The anticipation and excitement surrounding the Future African Leaders Award (FALA) ceremony has gone into overflow. When the news broke that Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will attend the ceremony on the 31st of December the LoveWorld community went wild with excitement. The gravitas she brings to this prestigious event is a true blessing.

FALA Awards are a highlight of the LoveWorld calendar

Former President of Liberia and Africa’s first elected female head of state Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a Nobel Peace Laureate, which is an award that speaks for itself. She is a leading advocate democracy who has affected great change in her native Liberia. Her voice is a shout out for freedom, and she had sacrificed her personal liberty as part of her struggle to liberate her homeland. Her continual advocacy for universal health care for all makes her a positive role model.

Her words of wisdom have meaning for all generations

During her noble prize acceptance lecture, she said, “History will judge us not by what we say at this moment in time, but by what we do next to lift the lives of our countrymen and women.” When we hear the nominations for the FALA awards we are listening to an account of how these thirty young men and women are building the lives of their generation.  Her words have been brought to actuality by those who work for the Future African Leaders Foundation (FALF). Kindly tune in to watch the nominations show on December 26th at 5 pm +1(GMT)

As part of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation FALF is an NGO that gives a platform to conscientious young people who have plans and a vision to bring about positive changes in their community and country. They lead education, mentoring and development programs. These young leaders stake responsibility for community development and medical outreaches in their locality and beyond. In many citations we learn about the educational opportunities they create for children and youths.

Education is a right

Madame Ellen Johnson recognized that her “journey was supported by my many teachers and mentors who guided (her)to a world opened up by the enlightenment of higher education, and which led to (her)conviction that access to quality education is the social justice issue of our time.” Many of the FALA nominees spearhead education projects that will transform the physical, social and economic landscape of Africa.

Like the nominees and winner’s Madame Ellen Johnson continues to enhance lives around the globe by her courageous and inspiring leadership. In May 2012, she was appointed co-chair of the United Nations Secretary General’s High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons. The panel wrote a blueprint for global recovery and sustainable development. In June 2016, President Sirleaf was elected the first female Chairperson of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Continuing the path to success

During last year’s Nomination Show, we heard about the continuing impact that these nominees have affected. 2017 winner Naomi Ekopki talked about the ripple effect that happens when you hear about the work of FALF. It inspires others to take on leadership roles as well as changing the prospects of the country.

The effect of having the former President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in attendance at the FALA Awards is immeasurable. Be sure to watch the show as it will be live on all LoveWorld Networks and through LoveWorld Apps on December 31st.

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