Celebrating Our Man of God

We have cause for celebration this week when we will be celebrating our dear Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s birthday on the 7th of December. Last year he received over a million messages on Facebook, KingsChat, and Twitter, and children from across the world sent him heartwarming greetings. It is the children across the globe whose lives are impacted the most by our beloved Pastor Chris. Join us in celebrating the philanthropic, humanitarian teacher as we count down the infinite reasons why we are grateful for him.

Thank You for Your Teachings

Through an anointed ministry spanning over 30 years, Pastor, Teacher, Healing Minister, Television Host, and Humanitarian, Pastor Chris has offered teachings and blessings via numerous mediums including the Pastor Chris Digital Library. This is the mobile platform that allows users access to hundreds of audio and video messages, spanning various life issues, such as Healing and Health, Faith, Christian Living, Fellowship with the Holy Spirit, Prayer, and Prosperity, from anywhere at any time. As the author of the best-selling daily devotional and Bible study guide, Rhapsody of Realities, Pastor Chris has successfully brought the Word of God to over 1.3 billion people over 242 countries, translated into numerous languages. Now in its 20th year in print, Rhapsody of Realities remains a life-guide with rich teachings from God’s Word.

Thank You for Your Humanitarian Acts

To the man who coined the phrase “Every child is Your Child” and advocates for children’s rights, urging people to ensure a better tomorrow for children worldwide, we celebrate your tireless efforts through the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI) and subsidiary organizations.

This December will be a month to remember for 1 million needy children around the world as we spread the Christmas cheer with the latest ‘Send Christmas Portions’ campaign, which aims at putting smiles on the faces of indigent children with nothing to look forward to. Through the remarkable efforts of volunteers and organizations affiliated with COFI around the world, we acknowledge the huge effort and support in making a significant difference in the lives of so many. We thank our Man of God for his selfless acts of kindness and dependability.

Thank You for Your Healing Miracles

The Healing School which is a healing ministry of Pastor Chris takes divine healing to the peoples and the nations of the world. At Healing School, thousands gather to be taught God’s word and to receive their healing and miracles in an atmosphere of faith and under the manifest anointing of the Holy Spirit. Through the special ‘Ministers’ Visitation Program’, visiting ministers from around the world also come to the Healing School to witness the miraculous works of the Spirit in the healing miracles recorded at each healing session.

Thank You for Your Global Prayers

With the power of prayer comes enormous change. The Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, hosted 4 successful, life-changing ‘Global Days of Prayer‘ this year, where he prayed with millions of people worldwide on the LoveWorld Networks. Each special 24-hour prayer marathon changed the destiny of nations all around the world.

At the final session of the Global Day of Prayer, last week, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said: “We get excited that we are going to pray because we get answers. We are ready to transform the world. God did not ask us to pray for nothing, He asked us to pray because He wants to answer. Through our prayer, we usher in the reign of righteousness, justice, peace, and safety in the nations. We bring healing to the nations and speed up the propagation of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ all over the world.”

Thank You for Your Blessings

“Blessing is that which confers, invokes, authorizes or shares prosperity, power, ability, and welfare!”– Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

We thank God for giving you knowledge and wisdom of understanding. Your sermons have inspired many of us in the church to always strive hard to do the will of God. We wish you good health, happiness, and lots of beautiful things in this world and hereafter. May God continue to lift you up.

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