April is the ‘Month for Watching and Praying’ Declares Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has just declared the month of April to be the ‘Month for Watching and Praying’ at the recently concluded Global Communion Service. He explained the significance and the need to watch and pray at this time just as the Spirit of God also instructed six months ago when November 2021 was also declared to be the ‘Month for Watching and Praying‘ by the man of God.

Our Man of God was joined by millions of participants for an avalanche of the Word, the Communion, Praise, Worship, Salvation & Miracles, where he also preached on the need to proclaim peace. Pastor Chris encouraged the global congregation to proclaim peace upon their cities and nations. The Global Communion Service commenced with the beautiful rendition of the Anthem of the year, ‘God of Heaven and Earth’, performed by the LoveWorld singers.

The Last ‘Month of Watching and Praying’

Six months ago, when Pastor Chris declared at the Global Communion Service that November was the ‘Month to Watch and Pray’, he stated that God wanted us to be alert, watch and pray.  “Be alert spiritually, watch and pray because your adversary the devil is roaming about looking for whom to devour”, Pastor Chris charged the saints. “Our praises rise up to God as sweet-smelling incense”.

“Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man” – (Luke 21:36).

He told the nations of the world that through our praises, we will cause extraordinary miracles to take place in all nations of the world.

Pastor Chris has said in the past: “Praise is one of the most devastating weapons of war; it completely shatters the walls of the enemy.” He also explained that God’s wisdom was at work in His children when he said: “Be alert spiritually for your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion walks about seeking whom he may devour.” He went on to say that no one will fall prey to the Devil as we watch and pray.

Pastor Chris Acts on His Words

When Pastor Chris instructed the worldwide audience to plan their schedules for prayer and to take a stand against all the wiles of Satan back in November 2021, he put his words into action with non-stop programs and prayers.

The Man of God proclaimed: “As a child of God, you carry the peace of God with you. you can proclaim that peace in the country where you live. It is coming from you. Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water. It is the words of God with which you proclaim and prophecy peace.”

He continued to say, “Learn to put prayer first. You cannot rise in your life above your prayer life. It determines the kind of relationship you have with God and the results in your life. learning to put prayer first in your life is not a topic of discussion. it’s a reality. That is what you do, you pray. He reminded us that six months ago, in the month of November 2021, he shared something that was very important and the spirit of God is bringing the same message to us now, that is to pay attention.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome spoke of three important things. Firstly, pray that you enter not into temptation. Secondly, Pray because you don’t know when the time is.

“Satan wants to gain more time because his time is Short. the period of 7 years is into 2 parts. the second part is called the great tribulation. God limited his time to three and half years. Knowing that He cannot get any extra time, He tries to get it ahead. There are examples of him doing that in the bible. He tried to do that in 2020.”

Thirdly, the Man of God continued to say, “Pray that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass.”

Pastor Chris tells us what to do in the ‘Month for Watching and Praying’

“Meditate On These Verses. You have to learn to watch in the spirit. If you don’t know the scriptures, it will be difficult for you to watch. You can interpret the world and circumstances with the knowledge of the word of God so you know the time in which you live and how God wants you to live.”

“This month, pay attention to God’s word like never before. Give attention to prayer by praying. Be a prayerful man or woman. Jesus said men ought always to pray and not faint. Give attention to praying. Don’t wait till night when you are too tired to pray. When we are not prayerful, we say and do things that we never thought we would do. we take the wrong steps and make blunders. Learn to pray. Give attention to praying.”

Pastor Chris took the opportunity to announce that a new phase of Season 5 of ‘Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris’ will be taking place from Tuesday, April 19th to Friday, April 22nd. This will be phase 3 of the ever-popular and widely watched program.

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